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A Conscious Christmas: How to Minimise Waste

Looking to reduce your impact on the environment over the Christmas period? Try these simple tips from our client, Heaven Leigh, the plant-based entrepreneur & restaurateur behind Australia’s longest-running vegan restaurant, Bodhi Restaurant Bar. They'll help you minimise waste this Christmas so you can enjoy a more planet-friendly festive season.

Australians are responsible for a lot of waste. According to the latest National Waste Report, we produce approximately 74 million tonnes of waste each year. And this gets even worse around the festive season. According to research, we’re set to spend more than $11 billion on Christmas gifts this year. We also use around 8000 tonnes of wrapping paper – that’s the equivalent of about 50,000 trees.

These simple tips & swaps are better for you, the environment & your wallet!

Shop smart & plan ahead

  • Confirm the number of people who'll be coming to your Christmas celebrations

  • Plan your menu & the quantities of ingredients you'll need

  • Incorporate local, seasonal produce where you can

  • Thoroughly check your fridge & pantry to see what you already have on hand

Clean up with zero waste

  • Eliminate plastic cleaning bottles from your life by investing in environmentally friendly, reusable bottles

  • Make your own range of chemical-free cleaning products

Make your gift count

  • If you're unsure what to buy someone, choose sustainable gifts or buy a voucher or experience

  • Go for the best quality, longest-lasting presents

Love your leftovers

  • Replace all plastic cling wrap with reusable food wraps

  • Invest in a collection of reusable silicone bags

Get into composting

  • Set up on your own household composting system

  • Use the end result as fertiliser for your potted plants, vegetable garden, etc.

For more simple tips & swaps read the full article here.


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