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CoolXChange – Revolutionising the First Aid Kit

We are pumped to announce the official launch of CoolXChange – this innovative 2-in-1 gel bandage combines cooling and compression for advanced injury treatment and is also used for prevention of sprains and strains.

The revolutionary health care product is set to become a staple in first aid kits, schools, homes and offices around the nation. Read all about CoolXChange below, or visit: to learn more!

Just in time for sport season kick off in Australia with netball, AFL and basketball, a revolutionary product that will change the way we treat injuries, as we know it, has been unveiled – CoolXChange, a 2-in-1 gel bandage designed to advance the recovery process for pain and inflammation, and prevent injuries in just one easy step by combining cooling and compression.

Physiotherapist and star of Channel 9’s The Block, Kara Demmrich warns Australians of the injuries we can expect this sport season including bruising, muscle and tendon strains and sprains, and urges everyone to play, train and repair safely using CoolXChange.

Research suggests that the 15 – 29 age group are twice as likely to incur a sporting injury, which is directly correlated to the type of activity/sport they participate in, which includes a mixture of high and mid impact sport including snowboarding, netball, basketball and AFL. Kara believes injuries are as a result of poor and limited prevention strategies, which results in high long-term injury rates.

Knowing too well of the importance of treating injuries, Kara says how great it is to see products that make it easier for patients to be compliant with treatments, further adding: “The CoolXChange 2-in-1 gel bandage differs from traditional ice packs and blocks, as it provides a more uniform, low level cooling. At the same time, the gel bandage provides elastic compression; further reducing blood flow and heat to the injured area. Traditionally, it has been difficult to provide cooling and compression together and directly after injury, but now with the CoolXChange it makes it convenient and efficient for people to apply the R.I.C.E method effectively.”

Created to accelerate the traditional, common first aid treatment method of R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), that has been used since 1976, CoolXChange is providing Australians, athletes and sport lovers, a convenient, hassle-free solution to treating injuries that will become an essential to all first aid kits across the country.

With around 5.2 million Australians1 suffering from sports related injuries each year, CEO of leading innovation hub United Pacific Industries (UPI) and father of three, Matthew Symington became increasingly frustrated with the lack of convenient products available to assist with the crucial first 48 hours of an injury and as a result developed CoolXChange, to help his fellow ‘weekend warriors’, he says; “CoolXChange was designed to increase user compliance when treating acute injuries, by providing a solution that was convenient and accessible anywhere, anytime. At UPI, we focus on the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales of leading innovative healthcare products into Australia. CoolXChange is no different and has been two years in the making – we have no doubt it will become a staple for first aid kits everywhere.”

Elite netball player and Australian Diamonds shooter, Caitlin Bassett has experienced her fair share of injuries throughout her career, and says that CoolXChange has quickly become a necessity in her sports bag and it plays a huge part, not just in the aiding of injuries, but in the prevention stages too, adding: “As an elite athlete, injuries which limit my ability to either play or train are extremely frustrating. To be able to quickly treat an injury as soon as it occurs easily and effectively with a product like CoolXChange is the best way to get back to full fitness faster. It’s also a bonus that we can keep it in the team bag as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated — it’s so handy in any emergency and a great staple for athletes of any level. It’s sure to make the treating of soft tissue injuries a much quicker and easier process for all Australians.”

The evaporative cooling together with the elastic compression reduces the amount of blood flow and heat in the injured area and can decrease skin temperature by 10 degrees over two hours. The gel bandage then absorbs the heat energy from the body and the absorbed heat is then removed by evaporation allowing for hours of targeted cooling and compression therapy.

The CoolXChange gel bandage comes in two sizes, regular, best for ankles, feet, wrists, elbows and fingers for RRP$14.95, and large, best for knees, thighs, groins, hamstrings, back, or shoulder or cut to fit, for RRP$24.95. CoolXChange is available to purchase in leading pharmacies and online retailers across Australia. For more information on CoolXChange or to find your nearest stockist, visit:


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