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Dr Mark's HyGenie Launches in Australia

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Over 850,000 removable dental appliances are sold in Australia each year and approximately 6.5 million Australians use one, but how are they being cleaned and stored on a daily basis to protect our oral health and hygiene?

Removable dental appliances are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria when poorly maintained, which can compromise peak health and total wellbeing. Addressing the pressing hygiene needs of removable dental appliance wearers and carers, the never seen before, Dr Mark’s HyGenie system is a breakthrough product range on a mission to make poor oral hygiene practices of removable dental appliances a global health priority.

Launching a world-first, the Dr Mark’s HyGenie is an innovative all-in-one system comprising of three products – the Dr Mark’s HyGenie, a handheld device that cleans, stores and protects nearly all manner of removable dental appliances including dentures, mouthguards, retainers, aligners, splints and whitening trays, the Dr Mark’s DentalFresh®, a custom formulated cleaning solution and the Dr Mark’s SureGrip® Denture Brush.

First conceived in 2014 by practicing dentist of over 30 years, Dr Mark’s HyGenie was born from Dr Mark Wotherspoon’s frustration with the inefficiencies around cleaning and storing removable dental appliances. Later introduced that year to Co-Inventor, CEO and Managing Director, Steve Plakotaris, the duo conceived, designed and developed the revolutionary oral hygiene system, creating a simple yet groundbreaking solution to a worldwide issue for removable dental appliance wearers and carers.

Drawing on his vast experience as a dentist, Founder and Chairman, Dr Mark Wotherspoon said, “I’ve seen far too many people struggle to properly clean and regularly care for their removable dental appliances at home. Toothpaste, harsh chemicals or just water have been the popular way to clean them, however this does not work effectively to sanitise and remove bad bacteria. Wearing an unhygienic dental appliance can lead to unsightly and costly oral disease, potentially making you very sick. Our mission at Dr Mark’s HyGenie is to change this,”

Dr Mark’s HyGenie Spokesperson, Jess Blair adds, “Child tooth decay is alarmingly on the rise, with over 26,000 Australians under the age of 15 admitted to hospital to treat tooth decay every year2. As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and a mother of two young boys who play sport and regularly wear mouthguards, it’s important to take a holistic approach to oral health and educate them from a young age about healthy habits. Good overall health starts in the mouth, and dirty oral appliances can cause a trail of other serious health issues to the rest of the body as you age. The Dr Mark’s HyGenie system is the solution to all our removable oral appliance hygiene needs and is the perfect solution for people of all ages to sustain peak health.”

The Dr Mark’s HyGenie concept comprises of three elements – the Dr Mark’s HyGenie, the Dr Mark’s DentalFresh and running water, both of which flow through the perforated, locked casing with a set of interlocking clustered brushes.

Simply hold both ends of the device and turn the handles, simultaneously, 10 individual brush clusters and 316 brush bristles will wash all surfaces of the dental appliance whilst it sits safely inside the device. With a perfectly balanced pH of 5.0 and free of parabens and alcohol, the Dr Mark’s DentalFresh can be applied directly onto the dental appliance while safely in the device and is ideal for dissolving even the worst calculus build up, over time with regular use.

Oral health declines with age, with over 54% of people over 65 experiencing periodontal disease compared to 2.7% of people aged 15-243. The Dr Mark’s SureGrip Denture Brush features an ergonomically designed comfortable handle that’s easy to grip and is non-slip when wet, empowering older Australians to clean and care for their dentures on their own. Dr Mark Wotherspoon conceptualised Dr Mark’s HyGenie and the SureGrip Denture Brush to give denture wearers a purpose designed, purpose manufactured, easy to hold and use brush for cleaning full and partial dentures and potentially improving the oral health of denture wearing Australians.

The Dr Mark’s HyGenie all-in-one system will be available in early November to purchase at select dental offices Australia wide and online at The Dr Mark’s HyGenie all-in-one device is available for RRP$45, the Dr Mark’s DentalFresh for RRP$7.25 for 50ml and RRP$9.95 for 125ml and the Dr Mark’s SureGrip Denture Brush for RRP$18 – visit the Dr Mark’s HyGenie website for the full list of stockists –


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