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Finding Your New Balance During Periods of Uncertainty

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We’ve all noticed that increased blur between our working & personal lives as we are set up to work from home during self-isolation. It’s true - COVID-19 has placed added stress on our wellbeing which can be totally overwhelming & has made it difficult to change out of our pyjamas before midday.

Our social media feeds, news channels, conversations, phone calls & thoughts have been saturated with round-the-clock news updates & the endless buzzing of notifications all focused on COVID-19.

The team here at Straight Up PR are connected daily, through Zoom meetings, phone calls, Instagram DM’s & of course texts. But we do miss the friendly vibe & community culture down by our office in Manly.

It’s understandable that some of us might be struggling with this new ‘routine’, so it’s important now more than ever to prioritise our health.

To avoid mounting anxiety, loneliness, stress & burnout as we work from our living rooms (or bedrooms for some), we need to learn how to cope with the added pressure of daily life by incorporating methods of self-care into our routines.

At Straight Up PR, we live & breathe health & wellness, both in the work environment & in our personal lives. During COVID-19, however, making time to prioritise our health has been heightened & definitely a priority. We believe that integrating healthy habits into our days contribute to greater productivity & leaves us feeling happy.

Whether it be taking the dog for a walk over your lunch break, diving into the ocean for a quick swim before the working day begins, or taking half an hour in the afternoon to soothe yourself with a calming virtual vinyasa class, your physical health & mental health will thank you, & your colleagues will too!


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