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At Straight Up PR we’re lucky to be constantly surrounded by inspiring and healthy souls. One of them being our very own Sami Bloom – clinical nutritionist, holistic health coach and yoga teacher who lives a plant-based life. We interviewed the beautiful Sami as part of our Healthy Hangs series to talk all things morning routines, what you’ll always find in her fridge/pantry and her own health tips and hacks. Enjoy!

SUPR: What does your morning routine look like?

Sami: I wake up anywhere between 5:45 and 6:30am, have my morning warm water with lemon and get ready to workout- I like to exercise early. I stay away from social media/emails until after I workout, which ranges between HIIT, Megaformer or walking (I prefer to do yoga in the afternoons/evening when I have a chance). When I get home I have breakfast before I shower, as I am usually very hungry in the a.m.! My go to brekky is always a smoothie with loads of greens, but sometimes I will mix it up with a porridge. Once dressed and ready to go I quickly write down my to-do list and circle 3 priorities for the day + one “something for me”.

SUPR: What does your evening routine involve?

Sami: Unless I have evening clients, I will wind things up around 5:30-6pm and either head to yoga or prepare dinner. Dinner is at 7pm when my fiancé get’s home and is always plant-based and hearty – tempeh and brown rice stir-fry, chickpea pumpkin curry, brown rice and mung bean kitchari, burrito bowls or lentil-stuffed capsicums are some go-to’s. I might do an hour more work after dinner (I try not to! But it happens), and then I settle in for the night – showering, putting my creams on, doing a little facial massage and getting into my “comfy’s”. Most night I make a Bonsoy and cinnamon chai tea (caffeine-free) to finish off with, but if there is a clean treat in the fridge I will definitely grab that to enjoy whilst we watch a little TV or read. I am in bed by 10pm-10:30pm every night and love to sniff some lavender essential oil before I shut my eyes.

SUPR: What does health mean to you?

Sami: I believe health is about striking a balance between making choices with your body’s best interests in mind, and living life to the fullest. 9 times out of 10, that is the “clean” option over the greasy option, the workout over staying in bed… but sometimes it does mean a sleep in or a treat, and I choose that from a place of love for and understanding of myself. To me, it helps to remind myself that I prioritise my health from a place of wanting to have a high-quality of life and prevent disease long-term, rather than more superficial motivations and “quick-fixes”.

SUPR: What are five things you’ll always find in your fridge / pantry?

Sami: Tahini, avocados, banana’s, rice noodles, miso paste. 

SUPR: What is your number one health tip?

Sami: This is a very straight-forward and typical nutritionist tip, but it is effective. Don’t focus on the “what you can’t eat”, when it comes to healthy eating, rather simply add in more of the good e.g. add spinach to your big breakfast or smoothie, have an extra serving of vegetables with lunch or dinner, snack on veggie sticks and green juice, add beans to your chicken salad or steak and mash etc. etc. I could go on! Basically, this aims to not only crowd out the bad, but it also helps to change your tastebuds, and of course, prevent cravings (eating more of the good stuff = less room for the other stuff!). You can’t go wrong when it comes to plants, so just add, add, add and eventually work toward slowly replacing. Also, another quick tip from a digestive stand-point, apple cider vinegar in water 5-15 mins before a meal can help a lot of people with digestive-upset, and I am even seeing it is effective post meal to relieve symptoms.

To find out more about Sami and her work, follow her on Instagram or check out her website:


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