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How to Amplify your PR Strategy

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

In PR, we all know that gaining Media / Influencer coverage is the aim of the game, but it doesn’t stop there. After any piece of coverage goes live, you need to amplify for maximum exposure. Let’s take a look at our client, Kolorex, to demonstrate how to level up your PR.

First of all, let’s talk about the PR strategy we implemented for Kolorex. New Zealand based business, Kolorex is a certified natural vaginal care range heroing native herb, Horopito. We were tasked to build brand awareness for Kolorex in Australia, so we engaged a range of expert spokespeople & Influential Australians to help spread their message, simultaneously launching a campaign empowering women to #LoveYourLadyBits. Not only does this substantially increase reach, but it also gave us a much stronger Media ‘hook’. Each Influencer / spokesperson had a unique Media hook, for example, Nutritionist Liv Crumpton & Female Health Educator Melissa Vranjes, which allowed us to leverage their relevant expertise for different Media opportunities.

Love Island’s Erin Alysha Barnett was one of the four spokespeople we connected with, we introduced her to Kolorex & asked her to join our campaign. Erin is an ambassador for Endometriosis Australia & very openly & honestly shares her story & experience with Endometriosis with her followers. Her values aligned well with the Kolorex mission to de-stigmatise 'taboo' conversations. Given the authentic alignment, she happily agreed to take part in our campaign, which attracted the attention of Daily Mail. Arguably one of the biggest PR wins.

So, that’s step one in a nutshell: Attracting & securing coverage… What’s next?

It’s important not to take a backseat approach when it comes to PR. Once coverage runs, it’s up to you to amplify. Let's look at what Kolorex did next.

As soon as the coverage went live in Daily Mail, Kolorex shared the link via their Social Media channels & re-purposed the article into a blog post to share on their website. As their PR agency, we see ourselves as an extension of Kolorex’s team, so we did the same. Kolorex also immediately added the Daily Mail piece to their extensive ‘Media' webpage, enhancing credibility.

Sharing Media coverage via Social Media increases the number of people who see & read the news piece, & re-purposing content into a blog post supports your business from an SEO perspective.

Another way in which coverage can be amplified is through advertising. Good Media coverage makes for great content, which you can take even further by boosting on Social Media.

We have worked with Kolorex for almost a year, attracting the attention of leading print titles & digital platforms. Seeing businesses grow & achieve their goals fills us with pride & we couldn’t be happier to be on the Kolorex journey. Check out our Kolorex Case Study to learn more about their epic campaign.

We asked the team at Kolorex to share a few words about their experience working with us...

"We worked with Straight Up PR to launch our new packaging into the Australian market & create a PR strategy to support this. They quickly understood the brand & how it should be promoted in the Media. They have been creative with ideas, bringing a fun, vibrant message & giving personality to our brand. They delivered on our key objectives & their attention to detail is excellent. We have been very happy with results & the service the Straight Up Team have provided." - Kim Allan, Manager at Kolorex.

We have worked with Kolorex for almost 12 months & continue to work together today.

If you want to have a chat about how you can attract Media attention & amplify coverage, please get in touch at, or book in for your free PR Health Check. We’re here to help.


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