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Join the movement to #LoveYourLadyBits

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Leading vaginal care brand & our client, Kolorex have joined forces with a tribe of health experts & Influential Aussies to empower women to #LoveYourLadyBits. Joining the movement to remove the stigma attached to vaginas & encourage women to include vaginal care into their own self-care routines is Endometriosis Australia Ambassador Erin Alysha Barnett, Nutritionist Liv Crumpton, Aussie TV Star Lisa Clark & Sexual Health Educator, Melissa Vranjes.

With 34% of women stating that they are too embarrassed to talk about vaginal health conditions even with their mum*, Kolorex® is on a mission to end vaginal shame once & for all. Thrilled to be working with a like-minded brand, Erin said, “As women, we need to shift our thinking around traditionally ‘taboo’ subjects & embrace our bodies. I’m thrilled to partner with Kolorex® to launch the #LoveYourLadyBits campaign which is empowering women to talk about our vaginal health, loud & proud!”.

With a career dedicated to encouraging & prompting open conversations, Melissa is proud to be working with Kolorex® saying, “When you think about it, our bodies are pretty miraculous & can tell us everything we need to know, if we listen. In a culture where we’re starting to talk more openly about periods & sex, Kolorex® are campaigning to end the hesitation to use the word ‘vagina’. It all starts with open communication, education, de-stigmatisation, & this is a conversation I’m really happy to be a part of”.

To join Kolorex®’s #LoveYourLadyBits – movement even if it’s offline – prioritise self-care & show your lady bits some love today. For more on Kolorex®, visit & follow Erin, Liv, Melissa & Lisa on Instagram @erin.alysha, @livnutritious, @melissavranjes & @iamlisaclark.


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