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Let’s Talk Strategic Influencer Partnerships

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

At Straight Up PR, we represent a host of experts in the health & wellness space. From Dieticians & Naturopaths to Content Creators, Entrepreneurs & Photographers, we’re proud to work with so many talented individuals & leaders in the industry.

We’re passionate about aligning our Talent with brands that they authentically resonate with & genuinely love.

Our approach is both reactive & proactive. Reactive in the sense that we take the lead on opportunities that come to our Talent directly, navigating deliverables & rates, & proactive by way of reaching out to ‘wish list’ brands directly & pulling together customised collaboration packages.

Let’s dive into three recent examples of Strategic Influencer Partnerships, from Brand Ambassador deals & Spokesperson roles to Commercial Photography & lucrative Content Creation.

1. Faye James x Australian Natural Care

Faye James is a Nutritionist, Health Writer, Recipe Developer & Stylist. Talk about an over-achiever! We connected Faye with Australian Natural Care for a video feature heroing several health experts. This opportunity connects Faye with other well-respected experts which further enhances her credibility as well as helping to build her Influencer profile.

In addition to the paid video participation, we landed Faye the opportunity to create social posts for Australian Natural Care over a three-month period, involving content creation & recipe development.

2. Healthy Luxe x MOJO

Healthy Luxe is a wellness platform run by mother-daughter duo, Jen & Han, who have combined their skills to spread the message of health. One half of Healthy Luxe, Han, is a photographer who expressed that one of her personal goals was to secure more commercial photography & content creation opportunities.

MOJO connected with Han to enquire about photography for a new product launch, which Han forwarded to us to manage. From there, we were able to lock in a two-day commercial shoot for Han & she has been their go-to photographer for new product launches ever since. Now, opportunities come directly to us so we can manage the finer details on Han’s behalf.

3. Sami Bloom x Tropeaka

Plant based Nutritionist & New Mumma, Sami Bloom is passionate about working with brands that align with her health & wellness philosophy.

A brand Sami loves is vegan protein & superfood range, Tropeaka. We secured a role for Sami as a Spokesperson / Ambassador for Tropeaka which included leveraging her expertise for a quote on their website, as well as content creation & recipe development.

After a successful kick off campaign, Sami has worked with Tropeaka in an ongoing capacity, creating delicious recipes & showcasing her nutrition knowledge to highlight the key product benefits via her social channels.

We know the health & wellness industry inside out which not only helps our clients from a PR perspective, but it means we are able to keep our finger on the pulse for our Talent, too. If there’s a brand with budget, we know about it & we craft tailored pitches to put forward relevant Talent, just as we do for our clients.

To enquire about Talent Management send us an email at or connect with us via Instagram @StraightUp_PR.


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