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Yesterday, Straight Up PR had the pleasure of going on a blind date with the lovely Genevieve, the brains behind the delicious Instagram and blog, Friends With Salad.

Connecting through Instagram, we decided to catch up at About Life in Bondi Junction for a raw cacao chai latte (so yum by the way!) so we could learn more about Friends With Salad. Our date was a hit, to say the least! Bonding over our love for health and wellbeing, summer and the beach, Genevieve opened up and told us her story.

Starting Friends With Salad was an outlet where Genevieve could share inspiring recipes with people and show them that salads weren’t boring! You know the saying, ‘You Don’t Make Friends With Salad’? Well, Genevieve is flipping it on its head and is making it easy for your average person to create a delicious, and nutritious meal.

As a school teacher, Genevieve sees what kids are eating on a daily basis and is saddened by the lack of education that kids have when it comes to healthy eating. This fuelled her desire to start Friends With Salad and Genevieve strives to share a healthy food journey and educate people about how simple and tasty salad can be!

Genevieve isn’t a nutritionist or a dietitian, but believes that healthy eating should be common knowledge that people should be applying in their everyday life. Her passion to make a positive change is contagious and left us wanting to go home and create some salad masterpieces of our own!

Friends With Salad is a lifestyle page to help people make friends with healthy food, habits and a healthier mind. For more on Friends With Salad, check out Genevieve’s latest post: or follow the account on Instagram @FriendsWithSalad.

Ps. Genevieve told us that Banana and Basil is a winning combo..we’re not yet convinced, but we won’t knock it until we try it!


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