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Mod Cold Press offers an affordable solution to cold press juicing!

Straight Up PR welcomes Australia’s leading cold press juicer company, Mod Cold Press!

The official launch of the Mod Juicer by Mod Cold Press kicked off in May to a fantastic response from leading publications, blogs and influencers within the health and wellbeing sphere. Positioning the Mod Juicer as the absolute must-have kitchen gadget for 2016.

Australian cold press juicing company, Mod Cold Press, is changing the way we enjoy fruit and veggies at home. The Mod Juicer offers an affordable solution to the cold press juice phenomenon, making juicing more convenient, cheaper and tastier than ever.

Health enthusiast Katharine McCarthy founded Mod Cold Press in 2015. After struggling with her first child’s distaste for fruit and vegetables, Katharine discovered cold press juicing as an alternative way to nourish her children. The inability to source delicious and nutritious cold pressed juices for herself and her children encouraged Katharine to create her own versions at home. Here, Katharine saw the opportunity to create an efficient cold pressed juicer that was affordable, offered minimal wastage, and was aesthetically pleasing.

Cold press juicing is an easy and enjoyable way to obtain nutrients, cleanse the body of toxins, assist with weight management, boost your metabolism, support the body’s fat burning process, and reduce cravings. The Mod Juicer stands apart from traditional centrifugal juicers due to its revolutionary 8cm wide super sized chute and reusable dried pulp. It uses a slow cold-pressed, non-heat extraction process that keeps nutrients in their original form, leaving the consumer with the most nutritionally intact juice possible, and more of it.

“Nutritional tests comparing a cold press and a traditional centrifugal juicer found that the cold press juicer extracted up to 42% more Vitamin C, up to 60% more Vitamin A, and yields between 35-50% more juice. When it comes to getting the most out of your juice – in terms of nutrition and quantity – there is no comparison,” explains Katharine.

Crafting your own cold press juice is also significantly cheaper than purchasing your cold press juice at retail price. “If you’re a frequent juicer you can save up to $1100 a year on your grocery bills by buying fruit and vegetables to juice at home, instead of buying pre-made cold pressed juices from your local store,” highlights Katharine.

The Mod Juicer is endorsed by leading health blogger of LIVE IT, DO IT! and e-book author of ‘Healthy, Wholefood Snacks’, Cassandra Michelin. Cassandra says of the Mod Juicer, “I wanted a juicer that was mum-friendly; something that keeps all the high nutrients in our juices, is simple to use, easy to clean and looks good. Enter the Mod Cold Press Juicer. Thrilled is an understatement when I was introduced to this bad boy!”

Beyond cold press juicing, the Mod Juicer is also the perfect vessel for creating nutritionally rich nut “milks” at home. The Mod Juicer enables you to control the quality of the ingredients in your juice and “milks”, making it perfect for those with special dietary or lifestyle requirements. The Mod Juicer is incredibly easy to clean with only a few parts that quickly disassemble for a no fuss and efficient wash. In the refrigerator, your Mod juice lasts up to 72 hours in an appropriate flask, BPA free container or glass bottle.

The Mod Juicer comes in black and white and is $599 RRP available online at It has a 20-year motor warranty and five year labour and parts warranty, and ships fast and free everywhere in Australia. For more information on Mod Cold Press Juicer head to the website and follow on Instagram: @mod_cold_press, Facebook:, and the hashtag #mod_cold_press.


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