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Sky Zone Celebrates its 1st Birthday and works with Straight Up PR to host the Big Air Festival

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

This week, Straight Up PR worked with Sky Zone to celebrate its 1st birthday and hosted the Big Air Festival, a night full of exhilarating fun, action and extreme sport.

Sky Zone, the world’s first indoor trampoline park, partnered with Red Bull to host the inaugural 2015 Annual Wall Running Competition on behalf of the AWA (Australian Wall-Runners Association) and the Air Skate Showcase, the first of a yearly tradition.

Wall Running is similar to parkour, but with a trampoline. It’s a thrilling combination of racing up a wall (vertically!) while doing tricks, flips and twists – and it’s incredible to watch!

Sky Zone is a big supporter of Wall Running as a sport, and held heats across the country to find Austraia’s best Wall Runner. The top six entrants were flown from Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney to compete for first place at the Grand Final in Alexandria, Sydney. There was an impressive line up of brand partners including Glue Store, Uber, Spotify and Drom Clothing Co, who provided our winners with some awesome prizes.

We had a some very special guests come to help us celebrate including The Roundabout Crew, comedian Frenchy, Jake Rich from Big Brother 2014, Maxi from Bondi Rescue, pro-surfer Indy Clinton, former elite gymnast Lauren Hannaford and ex pro-surfer Beau Walker.

Check out the Sky Zone experience by following the hashtag, #skyzone, or check out some pics from the night below. For more Sky Zone activities, visit:


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