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SleepX Launches Innovative Bed in a Box Mattresses to Suit Consumers Unique Comfort Needs

Are you looking for a mattress or bedding accessories that appeal to your individual preferences? Do you and your parter have different ideas of comfort? If so, SleepX could be the perfect option for you. Find out more in our blog.

To coincide with World Sleep Day last Friday 16th March, SleepX officially launched their premium bed in a box mattresses and accessories, with Australia’s largest range of choice to support a good night’s sleep. Providing a holistic bedding service that targets individual consumer preferences, SleepX are the first Australian retailer to offer convenience, choice, varying comfort options and four-hour metropolitan delivery in a single offering.

With 20 years experience in the bedding industry, the SleepX team is passionate about identifying and addressing consumers unique tastes, using the highest quality bedding products specifically designed to enable a better night’s sleep. In time for World Sleep Day, SleepX want to ensure that they provide consumers with a comfortable bedding environment that is suited towards their individual sleep needs.

“World Sleep Day is the perfect day to unveil our products, as we are committed to celebrating sleep and educating consumers about how to choose suitable bedding to lessen sleep burdens and ensure that they get the best night’s rest possible. One third of our lives are spent in bed, so making informed and appropriate choices when selecting our bedding is crucial and at SleepX we believe that it’s important that we look at individual preferences in terms of comfort and support,” said SleepX’s spokesperson.

Using advanced technology and the highest quality foam materials, SleepX mattresses are available in six sizes and three comfort levels, providing a personalised comfort experience for consumers of all ages and lifestyles. The retailer is also the first company to launch a ready-made customised mattress for couples with different bedding needs, providing alternate feels on each side of the mattress surface.

SleepX’s spokesperson added, “We have designed a product to suit everyone, from the busy professional to the urban entertainer, parent, child or couple. At SleepX we understand that everyone is unique, so we have created mattresses, mattress toppers and therapy pillows with the largest range of choice in terms of size, comfort and support.”

SleepX has joined forces with renowned Interior Design Blogger, Jen Bishop, to highlight that one mattress does not fit all and show consumers how to make bedding choices that appeal to their individual preferences. Jen’s mantra is ‘style without snobbery’, providing interiors advice for the everyday consumer with unique needs in terms of budget, taste and comfort, which aligns perfectly with SleepX’s philosophy and brand positioning.

“I believe that comfort is subjective and comes down to a personal choice of what feels good to you. As a mum, wife and interiors blogger, I understand that everyone has differing tastes in regards to their bedding. My husband and I have always struggled with opposing needs when it comes to the feel of our mattress and pillows, which is why SleepX’s product range was perfect for us. SleepX offered us the greatest range of choice to ensure that we both have a great night’s sleep, tailored to our personalised ideas of comfort”, said Jen Bishop, SleepX’s brand spokesperson.

The Australian-made mattresses have been designed using a hybrid of the highest quality memory foam and high-resilience foam for longevity and support. All of the products in the range are non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, 100% recyclable and certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia. To complement their innovative range of products, SleepX also offer a 120-night free trial and a 10-year guarantee on their mattresses.

SleepX bed in a box mattresses and accessories are available online at You can purchase a mattress from $650, a mattress topper from $199 or a therapy pillow from $69.

You can visit their showroom in Chippendale now to test out your new mattress!


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