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Spread The Word: Artificial Sweeteners in Peanut Butter a Danger for Dogs

We love peanut butter, and so do our dogs! Whether it be used to disguise medication, fill a dog treat or as a distraction when bathing or cutting their nails, peanut butter is a staple product for many families and dog owners.

But not all peanut butter is safe for dogs, and it’s important all dog owners know the risk of this highly toxic and potentially lethal ingredient.

The artificial sweetener, Xylitol is appearing in many ‘low-sugar’ and ‘low-calorie’ peanut butters. The ‘all-natural’ sugar substitute is safe for human consumption, but can be extremely poisonous to dogs causing hypoglycaemia, seizers, irreversible liver damage and even death. Peanut Butter brands that are known to include Xylitol include, Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts’ N More, P28 and No Cow.

When selecting a peanut butter to not only feed to your dog, but to consume yourself, it’s vital that you read the ingredients and chose a peanut butter that is 100% natural with no added preservatives, emulsifiers or flavourings.

Pic’s Peanut Butter is our number one choice when it comes to peanut butter and nut butters. Pic’s is 100% natural with no nasties, containing 100% Australian peanuts, a pinch of salt and nothing else, and it’s delicious!

Check out the Pic’s Peanut Butter website for more information on their product range, and even for a Dog Friendly Biscuit recipe-

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