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Australia’s first dedicated 1 on 1 professional assisted stretching studio, Stretch Studio, officially launched yesterday in Sydney’s Double Bay, providing an advanced stretching experience to help improve people’s overall health and quality of life – regardless of their age, lifestyle or fitness level. To launch the studio, Straight Up PR held an intimate morning event for media, bloggers and influencers, who were treated to a exclusive stretching experience. Read our blog post below for more info on Stretch Studio.

Run by wellness entrepreneur Lisa Lawson, Stretch Studio’s assisted stretching method creates alignment in the body and contributes to improved mobility and flexibility, increased muscle control and an expanded range of motion. The set stretch routines offer the full benefits of stretching, and they have been proven to increase muscle relation and blood flow, lower blood pressure, aid posture, relieve stiffness, reduce stress, enhance physical and athletic skills, and decrease the risk of injury.

Unlike regular stretching practices, Stretch Studio allows people to engage in a controlled, deeper stretch on a specially designed bed with a flexologist, a professional assisted stretcher. Using a form of static stretching developed by Dr Peter Bablis, the flexologist exerts gentle force upon the limb moving it into a new position, holding it for a specific amount of time in order to lengthen and stretch the muscle fibre and tissue.

“The flexologists work with a stretch routine developed and taught by Stretch Studio’s technical advisor Dr Peter Bablis, renowned for his work with integrative medicine in holistic health care. Before qualifying as a flexologist they are specially trained in the art of physical stretching, and taught how to match the resistance of each client, know how far to stretch them and when to stop”, said Lisa Lawson.

Research has revealed that Australians are spending more time sedentary, with the Department of Health (DoH) reporting that 56% of adults are either inactive or have low levels of physical activity*. The DoH’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults recommend undertaking muscle strengthening activities on at least two days per week, irrespective of age, cultural background, gender or ability**.

“As a result of our fast paced, stressful lives and time spent sitting at our desks or carrying heavy bags, people are becoming disconnected to their bodies and their muscles are shortening. We believe that people of all lifestyles, fitness levels and ages (even kids) can benefit from stretching, as it is a vital component for optimal health and should be included in everyone’s daily routines whether they are active or slumped over a computer all day”, added Lisa.

The studio is equipped with seven state-of-the-art stretching beds and has 10 trained and qualified flexologists who bring their expertise from diverse backgrounds as personal trainers, yoga teachers, Reiki healers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, breathwork specialists and massage therapists.

Stretch Studio offers 20 minute, 30 minute, 40 minute and 50 minute assisted stretching services starting at $39. There are also a number of packages available, beginning at $265 for 5 x 30 minute stretches.

To find out more about Stretch Studio and to book a session, visit: or drop by the studio at Shop 1, 413-417 New South Head Road, Double Bay. Follow Stretch Studio on Instagram: @stretch_studios or on Facebook: with the hashtag #1on1stretching.


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