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Talking Straight with Linda Monique

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

This week, we caught up with Linda Monique – the mastermind behind Australia’s premium almond milk company, Almo. The entrepreneur who’s passionate about food & design has also brought to life a unique, first of its kind product – Almo Crème – a sustainable way to make & enjoy almond milk at home. Pretty amazing, huh?

Here’s our interview with Linda.

SUPR: What does your morning routine look like?

LM: My morning starts with a ritual of brewing up a batch of locally-roasted coffee whilst reading the daily news. I never leave without a delicious breakfast of rye bread, avocado & Almo crème with some local honey.

SUPR: What does ‘health’ mean to you?

LM: Health is our core value at Almo Milk & personally, a primary focus in all aspects of my day to day. Nurturing & nourishing our minds, our teams & our customers through every action we take.

SUPR: What are five things you’ll always have in your fridge / pantry?

LM: Avocado, Local Roasted Coffee, Almo Crème, homemade marmalade & seasonal fruit! 90% of my fridge will be stocked with plant-based foods.

SUPR: What’s your favourite form of movement?

LM: Walking & stretching. Sounds boring but I find it so natural to walk & discover new streets, places & gain inspiration whenever I need it. I simply don’t do gyms.

SUPR: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be & why?

LM: My happy place is Santa Margherita on the Italian coast just up from the Cinque Terre & Portofino. It’s a time warp back to La Dolce Vita. I lived there for a summer & can never get enough of the locals, the incredible scenery, the culture of aperitivo & Paraggi beach.

SUPR: What is one fun fact most people wouldn’t know about you?

LM: I was originally named Linda Kowalski after the actress Linda Kozlowski from Crocodile Dundee. I changed my last name when I moved to London!

SUPR: Why is it important to you to be Straight Up & authentic? Have you ever struggled in the past with being your true self?

LM: Society wants authenticity in an age of filtered appearances, skewed stories & lack of trust in media. There has never been a more important time to be authentic & your truest self. I am sure everyone has struggled to understand their uniqueness. By striving to be your truest self, you are really connecting with your higher purpose in life & living your most important values. That alone can have tremendous impact on those around you.

SUPR: The health industry isn’t perfect. If you had the power to change one thing about it, what would it be & why?

LM: Health isn’t just about yoga, nourish bowls & the latest food fads. Health is multi-faceted & specific to every individual. The health industry is being commercialised dramatically with many companies making bold claims. Australia needs to be able to regulate health products with significantly more scrutiny. An ‘Organics brand’ doesn’t actually need to contain organic ingredients yet the way in which consumers view a brand can be completely misinterpreted.

You can follow Linda & Almo on Instagram at @almomilk


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