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Talking Straight with Luke McLeod

We're so thrilled to have had the opportunity to chat with our good friend Luke McLeod for our 'Talking Straight' series.

Luke is the Founder and meditation teacher at Soul Alive, allowing you to live-stream meditation classes every week from the comfort of your home. Luke's mission is bring a little calmness to all the chaos of the modern-day and make meditation easy and accessible for all. Here's Luke.

SUPR: What does your morning routine look like?

LM: A lot of people think I get up and meditate for an hour every morning and although most mornings I do meditate (usually for about 20mins) it’s not every morning. I like to plan out what I’m going to do the night before. If I notice there’s going to be good surf in the morning, then I’ll wake up and go for a surf. Other mornings I might like going to the gym. If there is one consistent part of the morning then it's my 1 cup of coffee for the day.

SUPR: What does ‘health’ mean to you?

LM: Health really is the foundation of a happy life. You can’t do much if you’re not healthy. Whether that’s physically and mentally. You have to make it a priority. What I am amazed by is how much mental health isn’t a priority for a lot of people. They’ll spend hours at the gym, yet won’t give 15mins of meditation a go?

SUPR: What are five things you’ll always have in your fridge / pantry?

LM: Oh I’m the type of person who really has just the bare essentials in the fridge/pantry. We’re talking eggs, butter, bread, olive oil and chocolate haha

I try to buy food that I’m going to use within the next 24hrs. We throw out so much food and I try to be mindful of that.

SUPR: What’s your favourite form of movement?

LM: I’m open to trying anything when it comes to exercise. I did Crossfit for a while and really enjoyed that. I’m currently on the F45 train and loving that. I also love surfing, bush walks and yoga now and then. I’m currently up at the family farm and yesterday I ran around the paddock picking up and throwing logs haha. Just try to do something every day.

SUPR: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

LM: I’m happy where I’m at right now in Manly, Sydney as I feel it’s the best place for me to continue to share and build on the work I’m doing around meditation and wellbeing. I’d like to take what I’m doing to the US at some point so that’s on the cards. I also have a soft spot for Indonesia. Just the surf and lifestyle there really suits me.

SUPR: What is one fun fact most people wouldn’t know about you?

LM: I was in a happy 10-year relationship. My journey with reality TV was such a rollercoaster with some high and low points. I’m proud and happy I was with someone for so long and can’t wait to find that someone who I enjoy spending time with again.

SUPR: Why is it important to you to be Straight Up and authentic? Have you ever struggled in the past with being your true self?

LM: It’s important because you then start to continually cover-up this ‘wound’ which hasn’t been treated properly and starts to get more and more infected under all these layers. Eventually you’re going to have to rip-off all the bandages and deal with it before it kills you from the inside-out.

I learnt a lot going through the reality TV experience and being true to yourself. I made a decision at one point that was right for someone else and ‘the public’, but deep down I knew it wasn’t right for me and soon enough things imploded. Always listen to your gut and have the courage to follow that.

SUPR: The health industry isn’t perfect. If you had the power to change one thing about it, what would it be and why?

LM: I’d change the cliquey-ness of it. Everyone hangs out with each other and although I’m all for ‘finding your tribe’. If we really want to make a difference in other people’s lives, particularly those that need it the most, we should be looking for and spending time with those type of people, right? Other mediators/yogis are on their way. I really want to introduce meditation to those that have never tried it before or might even think it’s a bit weird at first. Nothing lights me up more than receiving a message from someone who would have never thought to try meditation yet finally gave it a go and it’s now helped them in some way.

You can follow Luke on Instagram at @luke.mcleod


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