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The Secret is Out – Revolutionary Performance Skincare, Premax Unveiled

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Pioneers in performance skincare, Premax have crafted an innovative range of functional & effective skincare products to meet the needs of elite & everyday athletes at all levels. Founded by Specialist Sports Physiotherapist Randall Cooper, Premax was initially a well-kept secret crafted with elite athletes in mind & used by them religiously, however they are now proud to unveil the range more widely to cater to the needs of active people everywhere, helping everyone reach their performance goals no matter what their athletic ability.

Premax are on a mission to help people of all levels & ambitions live active & healthy lives, with the range available to people of all walks of life, ready to take the next step in their athletic performance.

Developed to protect your skin from the harsh conditions that come with exercising outdoors: preventing issues like blisters, chafing, windburn & sunburn from getting in the way of performance. The Premax product line includes Anti-Friction Balm, Sports Sunscreen, Chamois Cream, Massage Cream & more. Non-greasy, breathable & skin conditioning. Rigorously tested with elite athletes, Premax is backed by science & set to become the way of the future for athletes & everyday people alike.

Frustrated by the limitations of sports creams on the market, Founder & CEO of Premax, Randall set out to create something better. “My clients would often complain about [sports] creams feeling greasy on their skin & clogging their pores”, Randall said. “The selection of therapeutic skin products to use in my clinic were few & far between, which sparked the idea to create my own range. Our skin is our biggest organ, so we’re passionate about the need to proactively care for it before & after the rigours of sport, so that users are in the best condition to get back out there & perform.”

Knowing exactly what he wanted to create, Randall took a hands-on approach to product development, fuelled by extensive research & collaboration with elite athletes & practitioners. Each product boasts scientifically tested & highly effective formulas that utilise natural ingredients such as macadamia, aloe vera, shea butter, kakadu plum, & sour cherry, all formulated to protect & condition so you can focus on your performance while Premax looks after your skin.

Loved by so many, including Britt Cox, four-time Australian Olympian in Mogul Skiing, 2017 World Champion & Triathlon Enthusiast. As a long-time Premax user & Ambassador, Britt says, “My skin experiences prolonged sun exposure in the mountains, so I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to protect it from harmful UV rays. I love the Premax sunscreen as my everyday UV protection on the mountain & for any other physical activity. It’s breathable, feels nice on the skin & is both water & sweat resistant making it the perfect sport- specific formula.”

Premax is the official skincare supplier of the Australian Cycling Team (ACT) & supplies to Team Jayco AlUla – Men’s & Women’s World Tour Cycling.

The Premax range includes products that cater to the needs of sporting experts & everyday enthusiasts, ranging from Blisters & Chafing creams, Chamois Cream, Shampoos & Conditioners, Sun & Weather Defence, Warm Up & Recovery & Massage Creams & Lotions.

To learn more about Premax or purchase their product range, visit


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