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Three ways to get your brand noticed

There’s so much work that goes into creating a brand, from ideation & prototyping to design, building a web presence & crafting a logo… the list goes on. These aspects are critical to building a strong brand, but this alone is not enough. You need to get your brand noticed. There are a number of strategies you can implement to get people talking about your brand. Let’s dive into three of our top tips, looking at our client, Vegepod, as a case study.

1. Partnerships / Giveaways

When it comes to building a presence on Social Media, there’s no doubt that giveaway competitions & strategic Influencer partnerships are the way to go.

To get people excited about a competition & we mean really excited, the best approach is to engage an Influencer or expert to take part. Not only will this increase your reach, but it will also act as a brand endorsement from your brand partner & increase the value of the prize if he/she have their own products to contribute.

Recently, Vegepod ran a competition on Instagram with Health & Wellness Entrepreneur & Media Personality, Rachael Finch, giving away a Vegepod & a tub of Kissed Earth Balance Greens (Rachael's product), which attracted over 3000 entries. To enter, people were asked to follow Rachel, Vegepod & Kissed Earth, & tag friends in the comments, encouraging even more eyeballs & entries. With a highly engaged following of almost 300,000 & a loyal fan base, Rachael’s participation in this competition demonstrated her genuine love for Vegepod & even attracted Media attention from Daily Mail. Talk about a successful competition!

2. Community Involvement

A fantastic strategy for increasing brand awareness is getting involved in the community. There are a number of ways in which this can be achieved & will depend greatly on what your product/service is.

Vegepod is a product that is very well suited to community involvement, given that it is highly visible & attracts interest from a wide audience base. Examples of Vegepod’s community involvement include aligning with local councils, schools, retirement villages & charity housing commissions to encouraging people to take part in their #GrowYourFood movement.

As a brand, giving back to your community will help to strengthen relationships, build a positive reputation & ultimately, get people talking about you. As a bonus, this activity can be leveraged from a PR perspective.

3. Strong Spokesperson

Engaging a Spokesperson for your brand, whether internal or external, is an important step to getting your brand noticed.

In the case of Vegepod, the team are lucky enough to have the charismatic, passionate & entertaining Simon Holloway as their Marketing & Sales Manager – a born speaker. As Vegepod's PR Agency, we have been able to leverage Simon as a Spokesperson, helping to share their business journey & mission through unpaid Media opportunities.

Simon has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines, podcasts & radio segments including the likes of Osher Günsberg’s Better Than Yesterday Podcast, The Mentor Podcast, Daily Mail, 2GB’s The Deb Knight Show, Better Homes and Gardens, we could go on & on.

If you have any questions about how you can grow your brand & get people talking, please send us an email at We love hearing from you!


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