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Top Health #Trends

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

It’s no secret we like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to all things health & wellness. From emerging industry trends to new product launches, we’re always in the know.

It’s safe to say that there’s lots to keep an eye out for at your local health food store… We’re talking insect protein, mushroom hot chocolates & everything in between. Here are our top six health #trends & the must-try products from each category!

Healthified Hot Chocolates

If you frequent a health food shop, no doubt you would have noticed the flourishing selection of functional hot chocolates. From collagen boosted to adaptogenic mushroom cacao blends, there’s no shortage of choice.

We had the pleasure of sampling Luka Wellness Superfood Chocolate Blends at the Naturally Good Expo & we’ve been hooked ever since. The morning mix contains green tea extracts for an antioxidant-rich energy boost to start the day, whilst the night-time blend contains calming Passionflower & Valerian Root to help you relax & unwind.

Brain Boosters

For those who aren’t familiar with Nootropics, they are, in short, cognitive enhancers, sometimes thought of as ‘smart drugs’. There has been a significant increase in the number of products designed to help enhance mental clarity & support brain health.

If you follow us on Instagram, you will know we’re big advocates of Ārepa – a naturally Nootropic brain drink that is clinically proven to enhance cognitive function. #ClientLove. With its delicious blackcurrant taste & almost instant energy hit, Ārepa is our go-to drink before our most important activity of the day.

Cricket Crackers

We’re first to admit that when we heard about the insect protein trend, we were sceptical. There’s something about blended crickets that just doesn’t quite entice. When we saw a stand at the Naturally Good Expo serving cricket corn chips, curiosity got the better of us & we simply had to try. We can honestly say that you can’t notice the difference between a regular corn chip & one with crickets. It’s a clever way to get in some extra protein, we must say.

We tried the cricket corn chips from Circle Harvest – highly recommend for anyone who’s curious!

Bye Bye Booze

With more & more people trying to decrease or eliminate alcohol consumption, an opportunity has emerged for alcohol-free drink alternatives. Distilling fresh botanicals, we’ve seen a rise in the number of brands creating sprits with 0% alcohol. Paired with the right fruits & flavours, these spirits flawlessly replicate the taste & experience of a world-class cocktail.

We’re big fans of Seadrift Distillery – an award-winning alcohol-free ‘gin’. Pair it with a sugar-free tonic water or in your favourite gin cocktail recipe for a non-alcoholic alternative!

Hemp Hemp Hooray

From being banned for human consumption to one of the leaders in plant based protein, the humble hemp has come a long way. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant that can be used to make a range of products including oil, flour & protein.

Rich in nutrients & renowned for its protein profile, hemp has become the hero ingredient for the popular food & drink brand, Mt Elephant. Ranging from baking mixes, hemp pancakes & protein balls to hemp basics like oil & flour, Mt Elephant has it all.

G'Day Yerba Maté

For those not familiar, Yerba Maté (pronounced YER-bah MAH-tay) is an antioxidant rich Native South American plant. Containing high levels of slow release caffeine, Maté is famous for boosting energy & mental focus.

We're lovers of the Naturally Driven Yerba Maté range which includes everything from teas & latté blends to sparkling drinks. Getting our daily dose of energy the plant based way!

We’d love to hear what trends you’ve noticed in the health & wellness industry, or your predictions for what’s to come! Contact us via Instagram or send us an email at We love hearing from you.


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