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Whittaker’s Chocolate Takes Gold for Most Satisfying Choice for Australians

In exciting news, our client Whittaker's Chocolate has proudly taken the title of "Most Satisfied Customers" in Canstar Blue's latest Chocolate Blocks rating - & we're not surprised by this news one bit!

The nation have spoken, & Whittaker's emerges as the top pick, earning a five-star rating across key categories, including taste, texture and consistency, variety & range, packaging, & overall satisfaction.

We shared the below announcement with Retail Trade Media



With a legacy of excellence spanning over a century, the family-owned New Zealand business has consistently upheld its commitment to crafting exceptional chocolate using only the finest ingredients. This dedication to quality and flavour has resonated strongly with Australian consumers, who have declared Whittaker's as their preferred chocolate block for indulgence.


"We are so proud to receive the top award for Most Satisfied Customers from Canstar Blue, & want to thank Australian Chocolate Lovers, we couldn’t have done it without them," said Matt Whittaker, fourth generation Whittaker and co Chief Operating Officer at Whittaker's. "This recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering taste & satisfaction to Chocolate Lovers across Australia. We are deeply grateful to our customers for their continued support & trust in our brand. This award not only reaffirms our commitment to quality & innovation but also inspires us to continue to bring quality products to Chocolate Lovers in Australia."


Canstar Blue's comprehensive Chocolate Blocks rating evaluates various factors contributing to customer satisfaction, including taste, texture, range, value for money & packaging. Whittaker's excelled across the board, solidifying its position as the industry leader in chocolate excellence.


From Creamy Milk to Dark Ghana, Coconut to Peanut Butter, Whittaker's offers a diverse range of flavours in a generous 250g block format, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. Customers rating for Whittaker’s variety & range has notably increased in the last year, with Whittaker’s launching their new classic Honey Nougat & Almond Block, range of ‘R&R’ 100g blocks in Coles, as well as Limited Edition flavours Candy Cane for Christmas & Choc Cross Bun for Easter.


Experience the satisfaction of Whittaker's, the preferred choice for Chocolate Lovers in Australia, available to purchase from Coles, Woolworths & independent grocers.


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