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Whole Earth & Sea Provide Essential Nutrition for Mum & Bub

Providing optimal nutritional support for preconception, healthy foetal development & maternal health, Whole Earth & Sea® have brought to market a vegan Pregnancy Multi.

Requirements for essential vitamins & minerals increase during pregnancy. For example, folic acid recommended levels increase from 400mcg per day to 600mcg per day. It has also been shown that nearly two thirds of Australian women have levels of iodine2, below levels recommended for healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding or pre-conception. To help meet the needs of women before, during & post pregnancy, Whole Earth & Sea® have formulated their Pregnancy Multi to contain therapeutic doses of key nutrients, offering the best possible support for mum & bub.

Derived from wholefood sources, the Whole Earth & Sea® Pregnancy Multi contains 47 vitamins, minerals & nutrients that help prepare the body for conception, as well as supporting healthy pregnancy & foetal development. It is difficult to obtain the recommended daily intake of nutrients through diet, even from a healthy, nutrient-rich regimen.

Important micro-nutrients included in the Whole Earth & Sea® Pregnancy Multi include calcium, iodine, iron, zinc, vitamins A & D, choline, folate, B6 & B12. Requirement for these nutrients is increased during conception, & throughout pregnancy.

Passionate about nutrition as nature intended, the Whole Earth & Sea® Pregnancy Multi contain ingredients from the Farm Fresh Factors BlendTM derived from nutritious fruits & vegetables, rich in antioxidants. Determined to maintain optimal nutritional value that is often damaged during processing, Whole Earth & Sea® use their own patented

EnviroSimplexTM process which keeps temperatures below 48°C, capturing & preserving all the goodness of the wholefood ingredients.

Encapsulating the best practices, from sourcing ingredients to processing and delivery, Whole Earth & Sea® have provided support to those who are nutrient deficient in pregnancy. The Whole Earth & Sea® Pregnancy Multi is available in 60 tablets for RRP $34.95 from select health food stores and online via


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