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Achieve Work Life Balance with Inside 80 Performance

It’s a New Year and we’re thrilled to announce our new client, Inside 80 Performance! ( The international consultancy has landed on Australian shores and is here to increase productivity of individuals and businesses through distractions and throwing out conventional 9-5 approaches. Inside 80 have shaken up the traditional corporate structure to increase energy, which results in profitability, efficiency and wellness.

Inside 80 recognise that often the notions of ‘work life balance’, ‘work smarter not harder’ and ‘feel fit, healthy and energised’ is easier said than done and have developed a range of programs and workshops to help businesses and individuals improve habits and fulfill their potential. The programs are designed to help find the best way to grow energy based on somebodies unique personal pace and will help individuals reach optimal performance levels in all aspects of life.

At Straight Up PR, we could not agree more! We are strong believers in having a healthy work life balance and managing our lives to fit our natural pace. This allows us to work efficiently and maximise our potential. We love the idea of ‘forced distractions’ that Inside 80 encourage and it’s something that we often practice at Straight Up PR. If we’re sitting at a desk feeling unmotivated and uninspired, we’ll get up go for a walk and distract ourselves. When we return to our desk, we’re able to think clearly and as a result we are able to perform at a high standard.

To discover your natural pace of life, visit: and take the free Introductory Pace Indicator Test. You can then use the results to figure out how to effectively approach different activities in your life.


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