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Creative Mailers

Straight Up PR gets your product into the hands of key Influencers, Media, Bloggers, Podcasters, Instagrammers & Celebrities with the use of Creative Mailers.

When sending Creative Mailers, at Straight Up PR we always ensure we think outside the box & get creative. We take a targeted approach with who we send to, personalise the sendout, respect budgets & do contra with other brands where we can.

Targeted, Creative Mailers that get noticed & get results!

Why creative mailers?

  • Get your product in the hands of Influencers
  • Out of the box / Creative thinking
  • Targeted approach
  • Gets results

Social coverage guaranteed

With social coverage the end game of undergoing activity of this nature, we suggest ways to maximise exposure & encourage recipients to share across their platforms. Curating send-outs that are ethically & sustainably driven is important not only to us at Straight Up PR, but to our clients.


There’s nothing worse than seeing an Influencer open a product, wrapped in plastic, held in plastic cushioning in a plastic delivery bag.

Let's Talk!

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