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"The New PR"

The media landscape has changed! Public Relations has been redefined

The Public Relations landscape is a forever evolving industry, especially with the constant development of new technologies & ways of working. No longer conforming to traditional PR practices, at Straight Up PR we’re passionate about delivering impactful integrative communication campaigns via new avenues & taking a bespoke & targeted approach to each client. We know that old, traditional ways of doing things isn’t cutting it & we love creating strategic plans that will help drive brand awareness & sales for our clients. 


There is definitely a need to incorporate old Public Relations tactics such as Media Relations, Creative Mailers & sending product to Media to experience & write about – or invite them to experience a service, but at Straight Up PR we pair this old approach with new ways of working. This includes Influencer Relations, Social Media Management, Brand Collaborations & Partnerships, Content Creation, Digital Strategy & more.   


The combination of new & old PR strategies allows us to offer our clients a full-service spectrum of communication services. With our expertise, we are able to define a new-PR communications plan that will attract, engage & drive results, & be a PR agency that is a true extension of your team.

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