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Compiling strategic & compelling press office materials is integral to the success of every PR campaign. At Straight Up PR we use our expertise to define a communications plan that will;

  • Attract, engage & drive more results

  • Always be tactical, strategic & includes targeted press office materials & content

  • Get real & lasting results

Creating strategic content for lasting results

Content Creation

Strategic Content Creation & compelling press office materials for your Food & Drink, Lifestyle & Better-For-You business. We use our PR expertise to define a communications plan that will attract, engage & drive results.

We work with our clients to compose all strategic materials in the first few weeks of every campaign so that we can all be comfortable that we are on the same page & clear on the approach. Once it’s all approved, we then commence our strategic outreach sharing our compelling content & clients news.

A clear & strategic approach to content creation


At Straight Up PR we understand that real & lasting results don’t come from a quick snap of the fingers. A well-defined strategy is a must. Our strategies are supported by tactics & targeted press office materials & content that will produce results.


These might be internal materials like a PR plan looking at Media, Influencers, brand relations, a media or influencer list, key messages, story bank of angles, or a media matrix. Or external materials i.e. media release, pitch emails, articles, research findings, media alert, spokesperson biography, company backgrounder, an invitation or photo brief.

Let's Talk!

Get more relevant & targeted Content Creation for your Food & Drink,  Lifestyle & Better-For-You brand.

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