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Spokesperson Engagement

Spokesperson Engagement for successful & memorable PR campaigns that help drive your brand’s message, builds your profile & enhances your reputation.

Often for most PR campaigns a Spokesperson whether this be an internal or external person is required. For PR to take flight, it’s beneficial to have a mouthpiece or someone to share the key messages. This person could be a credible expert, brand ambassador, CEO or Founder/Entrepreneur.

Share a powerful narrative for
your brand

Why have a spokesperson?

  • Build your profile & reputation

  • Effectively communicate your brand message

  • Put a human face to your organisations

A good Spokesperson is vital to any business wanting to build their profile & reputation. Spokespeople put a human face to the organisation & can effectively communicate your messages to the public & the Media.


If there is not a Spokesperson available, at Straight Up PR we will make suggestions for who this person could be & manage the process of engaging a Spokesperson on our clients behalf, deciding on what the commitment would look like in terms of deliverables, budget & campaign duration.

Build your profile & reputation

Let's Talk!

Contact Straight Up PR to help you engage the right spokesperson for your Food & Drink, Lifestyle & Better-For-You business

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