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Experiential Marketing

PR Events & Experiential Marketing that provides a positive brand experience for your Food & Drink, Lifestyle & Better-For-You brand.

We are all about quality over quantity. All of our Events & Sampling Activations are designed as an ultimate brand experience.


We go hard on the brand event checklist, covering off early on things like vibe/atmosphere, theming, location, content, invite list, food & drink. It’s essential that all of our Events offer relevance to those in attendance, usually Media, Influencers & sometimes Consumers.


We hold Events to share news, launch products, connect people, drive awareness & excite action.

We execute Sampling Activations to connect directly with our clients customers, capture content to be used for marketing/PR purposes & offer product trial & gifting. 

Location for Sampling is key, to ensure we set up in high-traffic areas where our clients target audience reside. Having a novelty like a spinning wheel (spin to win), Christmas tree (with Whittaker's chocolates as decorations!) or a massive Pic's Peanut Butter Toaster on wheels, helps too! :) 

Create the ultimate brand experience 

Why Straight Up PR events & activations work?

PR is all about getting people talking about a product or service – our clients. We don’t believe in hosting pointless events or activations. We are big on the detail & only inviting or attracting the people that matter most. The more intimate the better in our minds for Events but the more people on foot the better for Activations.  

Amplify & share

Once the Event brief & memorable moments are nailed we need to amplify it. We invite the people who will talk directly to our Clients audience, we provide experiential content that they can share from the Event via their Social channels & we leave them buzzing so that they want to tell all of their friends/networks & if they are Media, write a story & share about it.

Following all Events, we will share videos/images from the Event of noteworthy people for social page inclusion & do all we can to leverage such an occasion. We always ensure that our Events provide a positive brand experience which has the end user & our clients customers in mind.

Let's Talk!

Contact Straight Up PR to help you engage the right spokesperson for your Food & Drink, Lifestyle & Better-For-You business

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