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Influencer Marketing

Straight Up PR's Influencer Marketing service connects you with relevant Influencers to help influence purchase decisions & drive more conversations for your Better-For-You business.

At Straight Up PR we work with Influencers on a paid & unpaid basis. Depending if our clients have budget for paid partnerships & if ethically they feel compelled to pay Influencers for authentic exposure, is how we determine if we pay Influencers or not.


We take our Influencer selection approach seriously & only recommend & work with Influencers who have good reach, high engagement, a positive reputation & a relevant audience & tone of voice.

Working with Influencers

Why Influencer Marketing?

  • Drive more conversations with your clients / customers

  • Influence purchase decisions

  • Increased brand exposure & awareness


The Influencer landscape is forever changing & evolving & forms a huge part of a lot of our client’s campaigns. Influencers have the power to drive more people towards our client’s products & services.


This is because consumers trust the recommendations made by their favourite Influencers. At Straight Up PR we use this approach to influence purchase decisions & drive more conversations.

We have also found that engaging with Influencers as ‘Brand Advocates’ & to share content across a period of time rather than one-off posts has a better response for our clients & therefore we like to set up these sorts of partnerships where we can.

We work with Influencers to create engaging content for your brand, for example:

  • Execute giveaways

  • Post reviews

  • Attend & cover events

  • Host Q&A sessions or live content

  • Complete page takeovers

  • Share unboxings

  • Create reels 

  • Create high quality imagery 

  • Develop recipe content 

Creating engaging content with Influencer Marketing

Let's Talk!

Contact Straight Up PR to help you attract, engage & drive more results for your Food & Drink, Lifestyle & Better-For-You brand

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