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5 Things to do If your Instagram Reel Isn't Performing

Updated: Apr 2

Are you creating Instagram Reels but not seeing the results you were hoping for? The truth is, simply posting Reels without a plan isn't going to deliver meaningful results for your engagement rate or your business's bottom line. There are proven strategies & tactics to optimise your Reels content & maximise engagement. Ready to ditch low-performing content & skyrocket your Instagram Reels results? Here are five common problems you might be facing & tangible ways to solve them:


Your Reels are Receiving Low Views

Have your Reels views slowed down recently? It might be because they're not showing up on people's explore page or Reels tabs, failing to grab the algorithm's attention.

  • Solution: Tap into Trends

To increase visibility, leverage trending audios & formats. Look for audio tracks with a distinct arrow icon in the Reels tab—they're trending. Aim for emerging audio tracks that haven't been overly used in Reels to avoid overcrowding the platform with similar content.


Your Reels aren't Driving Tangible Results                                               

Getting views but no tangible results? It's likely because you're not giving your audience clear direction.

  • Solution: Add a Call to Action (CTA)

Include a CTA in each video aligned with your business goal. Whether it's boosting engagement or driving website traffic, a strong CTA should describe exactly what people can expect from you.

Your Reels Aren't Reaching New Audiences

Not reaching your ideal target market? It's time to rethink your hashtag strategy.

  • Solution: Rethink Your Hashtag Strategy

Switch up your hashtags to connect with both a broader audience & your target audience. Regularly research & identify trending hashtags related to your niche or industry.

You're Struggling to Come Up with New Reels Ideas

Finding fresh content challenging? Repurpose like a pro.

  • Solution: Repurpose Like a Pro

Turn long-form content like blogs, podcasts, & ebooks into bite-sized Reels. Repurpose TikTok videos by removing the watermark & finding trending audio specific to Instagram.

Your Reels Aren't Driving Strong Engagement

Posting regularly but lacking engagement? Dive into your analytics.

  • Solution: Dive into Your Analytics

Regularly review your analytics to understand what content resonates with your audience. Tailor your content based on insights to inspire your next month of content.


With these strategies in hand, you're equipped to tackle any Instagram Reel challenges & drive meaningful results for your business.


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