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Almo Brings to Market First of Its Kind Almo Crème

With a drive to change the plant beverage industry, premium almond milk brand, Almo, has brought to market its revolutionary product, Almo Crème – a jar of luscious liquid cream made from 100% Australian Almonds and nothing else. This unique offering is not an almond butter, but instead a cream that forms the base that, when blended with water, creates instant, fresh almond milk.

Empowering almond milk lovers to make their favourite almond milk at home, Almo Crème is a faster, simple, cheaper and more sustainable way of making fresh almond milk. No soaking or sieving out almonds. All you need is a jar of Almo Crème, water and blender to make up to 5L of almond milk.

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Almonds that are pesticide free, lightly blanched and churned into a luscious cream, Almo Crème is the perfect addition to any pantry. Spread it, dip it, drizzle it, mix it or even lick it straight from the jar. Almo Crème can make anything taste delicious and be used in vegan or dairy free baking.

Founder of Almo, Linda Monique started the business in 2016 out of frustration of wanting quality almond milk, and as a result started making it herself at home, tinkering with different formulations. Linda’s passion for sustainability and making a positive change in the world led her to innovate the Almo Crème. Not only is Linda on a mission to help reduce waste, but she also wants to shift thinking of how almond milk can be made at home and inspire them to get creative in the kitchen with Almo Crème.

“At Almo, we focus on simplicity. Our clean ingredients, labels and local manufacturing processes are a true representation of what we stand for as a brand. For us it’s about health over profit, environment over profit and quality over profit. We believe that products can be functional, delicious and sustainable, while also packing a nutritious punch. The new Almo Crème forms the base of our unsweetened Almo Milk, so it only made sense to bring to market the Crème and empower our customers and almond milk lovers the opportunity to make their own Almo in the comfort and convenience of their own home. With no mess and more importantly no waste,” said Linda Monique.

With over 200 almonds in every jar, Almo Crème is free from nasties, vegetable oils, starches, added flavours or sugars, and is the perfect pantry staple. A delicious substitute for dairy in baking or cooking, add your Almo Crème to sauces, curries, soups and salad dressings. The Almo Crème is vegan, gluten and dairy free, is naturally high in protein and vitamin E, with no added sugar or salt.

With a shelf life of 12 months, Almo Crème is available to purchase for RRP$15.00 from Almo Unsweetened 1L Almond milk is available to purchase for RRP$6.00 from Woolworths in Victoria, Harris Farm in NSW, health food and independent stores across the country. For more information visit the Almo website, or follow them on Instagram: @almomilk.

For more information, media enquiries or to try Almo, please contact Straight Up PR: Lorna Fernie P: 0420 810 668 E: Lorna@StraightUpPR,


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