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Buddee launches school-safe spreads all children can enjoy

Dedicated to putting spreads back in school lunchboxes, Buddee is an Australian-owned & operated company which offers tasty spreads that are entirely free from the top 10 allergens including nuts, wheat, soy, dairy & sesame.

Co-founded by Seong-Lee Ang & Rodney Chieng, Buddee recognises that Australia has one of the largest food allergy rates in the world, leading to strict policies in schools across the nation. As a parent experiencing first-hand how difficult it can be with two children who struggle with severe food allergies, Seong-Lee has made it his personal mission to ensure that Buddee provides a safe & inclusive food option for little hands & school lunchboxes.

“Above all, we wanted to create a product that not only tastes delicious but can be enjoyed by all children so that no-one feels they are missing out,” says Seong-Lee. “We want Buddee to be that friend that will always be there, so developing a product that was safe to take to school was a non-negotiable.”

Teaming up with Rodney who brings his flair for formulation & attention to detail to the table, the result is a delicious school-safe spread that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture - setting them apart from the very few allergy-friendly spreads that already exist on supermarket shelves.

Designed to be enjoyed by all children, not just those suffering with food allergies, Buddee is recognisable by its super cute branding & playful packaging - look closely & you’ll even find a smiley face in the logo, strengthening the brand’s core value of being inclusive in nature.

When compared to other conventional spreads, Buddee contains less sugar, less saturated fat and is free from palm oil. Buddee spreads are also vegan-certified & available in three ways; Crunchy, Smooth & Chocolate.

Buddee will be available soon at a Woolworths supermarket near you for RRP $6.50.


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