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First of its Kind Range of Fortified Coconut Waters Hits the Market

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

With a drive to reinvigorate the coconut water industry, premium coconut water company, Coco Luxe, has brought to market their revolutionary range of the first of its kind fortified coconut waters, bridging the gap between the beverage and supplement markets.

Boosted with the functional ingredients of Vitamin C, Collagen and Acai, Coco Luxe is 100% pure, single origin, without the use of preservatives and sweeteners – just as nature intended. Revived with the essential vitamins and minerals to hydrate, boost and vitalise your skin and health, Coco Luxe’s mission is to create the perfect pairings of coconut water and some of nature’s best health boosting properties. The three flavour variants include, Coco Luxe Glow infused with Collagen, Boost with Vitamin C and Refresh, the original coconut water.

Distributed in three countries including Australia, USA and China, with the target to be in over five countries by 2020, Coco Luxe was designed and founded by Jodie Evins in 2017. With over 10 years experience in Marketing Executive and Managerial roles in various industries including the FMCG industry, Jodie wanted to give those already aware of the benefits of coconut water a better option nutritionally.

Jodie is the only woman to lead the way in the budding coconut water business in Australia, and is proud of the functional and flavoursome drinks, allowing people to consume intelligently, by choosing high quality, healthy and ethically sourced alternatives to on-the-go beverages.

“Coco Luxe was born out of my desire to create a delicious better-for-you product that motivates change for consumers and the FMCG industry and takes the next step forward to close the gap between the beverage and supplement markets. As the leaders in nutrient fortified coconut waters in Australia and across the globe with our world first collagen boosted coconut water, we’re so excited to continue to reinvigorate the category and expand our product range, by utilising the best health enhancing ingredients that the world has to offer and our great tasting coconut water in order to pack a nutritious punch,” said Jodie Evins.

The original and only collagen infused coconut water, Coco Luxe Glow has been designed for lovers of all things beauty. Taking single origin coconut water and mixing it with the right blend of premium hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and superfood Acai, Glow gives you a refreshing and convenient beauty boost. Coco Luxe Glow, uses collagen that is sustainably and ethically sourced and of the highest peptide quality to ensure you’re getting the best potency available, which is then easily absorbed into the blood stream.

Picked, packed and bottled at the source, Coco Luxe coconut waters are made from young coconuts that are hand harvested and packed onsite from an organic plantation in Vietnam. Employing only local workers in the best working conditions and ensuring all packaging and processes are sustainable, being a good Global Citizen is at the core of Coco Luxe’s values. Not all coconut waters are created equally, and as a result, Coco Luxe aim to educate consumers on the difference between coconut waters available on the market and how to ensure the best possible quality of product and processing.

Coco Luxe Glow, Refresh and Boost are available to purchase for RRP$3.59 for 330ml from over 80 health food and independent stores across the country and For more information visit the Coco Luxe website, or follow them on Instagram: @cocoluxelife

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