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MOJO Announce Their Biggest Ever Re-Brand

For more than a decade, MOJO have been leaders in the production of authentically brewed kombucha. Based In the McLaren Vale region of South Australia, the team behind Australia’s first kombucha brand continues to pioneer the category with a new look & new product range, Superbooch.

The redesign will encompass all elements of the brand, reflecting MOJO's innovative role in the market, recognising the modern-day consumer & showcasing MOJO's points of difference.

MOJO’s new mantra, ‘Actually Naturally’, is a brand statement that proudly features across all their products, reinforcing to consumers their commitment to being an authentically fermented, organic, low sugar kombucha that’s free of sneaky sweeteners.

The rebrand also future proofs MOJO’s product ranges with a stronger visual identity, including packaging, website & social presence, introducing a considered suite of lively graphics & distinctive colours, which will continue to build more consistent brand recognition & consumer confidence.

MOJO CEO & Co-Founder, Anthony Crabb says “After more than 10 years in market, MOJO is still innovating the Kombucha category in a way that’s true to our values, & our new branding reflects this”.

“We pride ourselves on following a traditional & thoughtful fermentation method, avoiding shortcuts, & this is what sets our kombucha apart from other functional beverages in the market. We wanted to visually communicate this MOJO difference, with packaging that’s as unique & lively as what’s inside the bottle”, Anthony explained.

Alongside debuting new packaging, MOJO have also launched their latest innovative functional Kombucha beverage – Superbooch - in leading Woolworths stores.

In response to emerging consumer trends, Superbooch is available in two carefully crafted flavours, Calm-omile & Green Gut Guru. MOJO recognise the consumer is looking for additional beneficial functionality as well as great tasting Kombucha.

Tapping into traditional tea rituals, MOJO’s Calm-omile was formulated to bring people into their zen zone. Combining a premium blueberry kombucha with lavender & chamomile extracts, a blend traditionally is used to aid relaxation & rest. Ideal for a mid-afternoon break or a night-time alternative to alcohol, Calm-omile can be enjoyed whenever you need to unwind & catch your calm.

For 2-in-1 gut health support, MOJO’s Green Gut Guru pairs probiotics and prebiotics, creating the ultimate gut-loving kombucha. Combining their premium Kombucha with apple juice, spinach & spirulina; Green Gut Guru has a crisp tangy taste, which can be enjoyed as a convenient alternative to a fresh juice or green smoothie.

The rebrand & the launch of a new Superbooch Kombucha range has been undertaken to powerfully communicate the unique offering in the market to consumers & stockists. The changes are intended to increase the rate of sale & distribution, & grow market share by radically shaking up the brand's presence on & off shelf.

The new Superbooch range, which showcases MOJO’s new elevated brand, is available in the refrigerated aisle of leading Woolworths stores nationally, RRP $4.30.


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