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MOJO Kombucha launch a campaign to #BeAGutGuru

Leaders in authentically brewed kombucha in Australia MOJO Kombucha have partnered with Psychic, Anna Boyd to launch their #BeAGutGuru campaign. Inspired by MOJO’s 'Green Gut Guru' product from their new Superbooch range, the brand is partnering with Anna to educate Australians about being in tune with their inner self.

“As a Psychic & someone who’s studied nutrition, I’m incredibly passionate about the gut, in a physical, emotional & spiritual sense”, Anna says. “As one of our most vital organs, it’s no surprise that nourishing your gut through good nutrition may lead to positive physical benefits. However, there is also exciting evidence emerging that there may be more science behind our 'gut feelings' than first thought, with suggestions of a gut-brain connection that has a two-way influence on our emotions.”

I’m thrilled to be a part of MOJO’s campaign to motivate people to take better care of their gut health with functional beverages, & alongside this, I’m delighted to guide people on how they can start tapping into how they're feeling within”.

As part of the campaign, MOJO encourages people to be their own ‘Gut Guru’, by sipping Superbooch Green Gut Guru as a source of probiotics & prebiotics, & practicing daily mindfulness, making note of any inner gut feelings that we so often dismiss. This practice supports both our physical gut health, whilst simultaneously prompting us to listen to our intuition, by simply paying more attention to it.

Driven by a desire to deliver digestive health benefits in a delicious drink, MOJO’s new Superbooch Green Gut Guru pairs probiotics & prebiotics for 2-in-1 gut health support. A premium, low sugar organic kombucha with apple juice, spinach & spirulina, Green Gut Guru has a crisp tangy taste, which can be enjoyed as a convenient alternative to a fresh juice or green smoothie.

“Physical gut health has been a popular topic for a number of years now, & as we kickstart 2022, I hope that people will start to look after themselves from the inside out more holistically”, continued Anna. “I believe the concept of listening to your gut feelings & finding balance in all areas of life will become a bigger part of the self-care dialogue, & I’m proud to be working with MOJO to help spread this message”.

The new MOJO Green Gut Guru Superbooch Kombucha is available in the refrigerated aisle of leading Woolworths stores nationally, RRP $4.30.

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