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5 Personal Qualities Which Will Benefit You Professionally

Whatever your job title is within a business, there are a variety of qualities that are required in the workplace that allow you to reach your full potential.

Here at Straight Up PR, we’re all about fostering growth both professionally & personally & know the importance of acquiring certain qualities in order to help each team member thrive & reach their goals.

Below are just some attributes we believe you need to adapt & develop to get where you want to be in your career:

1. Critical thinking

Strategic planning is not only a daily occurrence in the world of PR – it also carries across many industries & workplaces. Strategising for both clients & business development & growth is a pivotal part of any business. Staying informed on industry trends is one way to ensure this is occurring. We love being an extension of our clients teams & thinking strategically not just about PR, but for their brand in general.

2. Optimism

Being a ‘team player’ is important when it comes to contributing to company culture & staff morale. Approaching tasks & challenges with a can-do attitude also has a flow on effect when it comes to mentoring & motivating other team members. Being a problem-solver & solution-focused is a lifelong skill that you will carry outside of the office. A positive attitude is invaluable within a team & business, & we always ensure we’re sharing our optimism with our clients & networks.

3. Resilience

How do you handle constructive criticism? Do you automatically jump on the defensive, or do you take it was a way of being self-aware so you can do better next time? Resilience is a hard one to master, but pivotal when it comes to growth & development both personally & professionally. Responding with understanding, gratitude & composure can make all the difference when dealing with feedback.

4. Adaptability

Particularly in the world of PR & of course many other industries – no two days are the same & you are constantly juggling many projects on the go & pivoting at the last minute. Being able to adapt to the constant change of direction is super important, as is prioritising to ensure everything gets done in a timely manner.

5. Empathy, inclusiveness & trust

Engaging in active listening, positive feedback & open communications is a non-negotiable regardless of your level of employment. Treating others with respect & encouraging input from various team members with varied perspectives, skills & backgrounds ensures that everyone is contributing to the success of the business.


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