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Elevate your Event with Straight Up Spreads

At Straight Up PR, we’re all about creating captivating experiences & events for our clients, & we go above & beyond to ensure each & every activation we bring to life is a success. Our events are recognised in the industry for being intimate, fun & memorable, & we never miss an Instagrammable moment. Our visionary Founder, Hannah O’Donnell, loves a theme, & is known for her epic grazing tables – Straight Up Spreads – a unique culinary experience that seamlessly integrates brand colours, creates a photo moment & sparks conversation among guests. Here, we delve into the world of Straight Up Spreads & how these decadent grazing boards elevate Events to new heights.

Creating a Visual Feast

We understand the power of visual aesthetics in leaving a lasting impression. Straight Up Spreads go beyond ordinary catering to transform event spaces into immersive & visually stunning feasts. Our recent launch Event for Whittaker’s Honey Nougat & Almond is a perfect example.

Guests arrived to a lavish spread that perfectly reflects the essence of the brand & product we were launching. The spread featured an assortment of delectable treats, including chocolate, honeycomb, jars of honey, nougat slabs, & almonds, all artfully arranged to entice the senses. Pops of gold & pink were incorporated, to align with the Whittaker’s branding.

Igniting Conversations

Beyond the photo moments, Straight Up Spreads serve as a catalyst for conversations among guests. With each item carefully selected & placed to reflect the brand's story, the spread creates intrigue, curiosity & sparks excitement for what’s to come. We’re all about event flow, & a centrepiece spread creates a warm welcome, & allows guests to immerse themselves in the brand experience.

Another epic Straight Up Spread was brought to life at an Event for our client, Polestar Pilates. We hosted a Popcorn & Pilates class, where guests experienced a signature Polestar Class, before diving into our very on-brand spread. With an eye for detail, Hannah sprinkled gold dust on the popcorn to make it pop, highlighting Polestar’s key brand colour.

Instagrammable Moments

In the social media age, capturing picture-perfect moments is a must. Through Straight Up Spreads, we have mastered the art of creating Instagrammable moments that leave guests eager to share their experience with their followers. The combination of flawless food presentation, on-brand colours, & the sheer decadence of the spread entices guests to snap photos, share on socials, & become brand advocates.

By curating an aesthetically pleasing & shareable experience, we ensure that our clients' events extend their reach far beyond the physical space, generating buzz & creating a lasting online presence.

With her expertise in event planning & a keen eye for detail, Hannah has earned a reputation for orchestrating extraordinary spreads that leave guests in awe. Her passion for combining culinary artistry & branding shines through, making Straight Up Spreads a standout service that we recommend for all our client Events.

If you’re looking to elevate your next Event with Straight Up Spreads, get in touch with us at – we’ve got you covered.


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