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Why Use an Expert for Your Next Media Campaign?

Nutrition Expert Julia Leon

There are lots of tactics that we explore at Straight Up PR to take client campaigns to the next level. From Media & Influencer Events, Creative Mailers, Media & Influencer Relations, Website Redesigns, Brand Partnerships & Activations. Now, we can add extra value to our client’s Media campaigns with our Resident Nutritionist, Julia Leon.

We’re excited to introduce our new offering of a Resident Nutritionist, who can support Media campaigns & get the coverage that matters most.

Meet Julia Leon, our Resident Nutritionist:

Holding a Bachelor of Health Science (Food & Nutrition), Julia is passionate about inspiring & empowering others to learn more about the foods they choose to eat & the role it can play in many aspects of health.

In addition to offering her knowledge & expertise in nutrition, Julia is an Account Manager at Straight Up PR where she has worked across clients including Pic’s, Buddee, Hubbards, Rascal + Friends, VisitCanberra & Cybex. Julia has written articles on behalf of clients for Media publications including Body&Soul & Kiddo Magazine.

Engaging a Nutrition Expert:

Here are some of the ways engaging a Nutrition Expert can help boost your PR campaign:

  • Complete written articles for Media publications

  • Provide evidence-based research

  • Provide quotes for a Media Release

  • Product reviews

  • Interpret food labels & share knowledge about ingredients

  • Work as your in-house nutrition consultant

  • Be available for Media Interviews

Expert commentary is a great way to support your product / brand & help you gain credibility.

Examples of other Experts previously used for Straight Up PR Client Campaigns:

  • Genevieve Muir – Parent Educator & Founder of Connected Parenting for premium nappy brand, Rascal + Friends, & baby & child accessory brand, Cybex

  • Monique Cormack – Qualified Nutritionist for allergy-friendly spread, Buddee

  • Dee Zibara – Women’s Health Expert & Nutritionist for at-home enema brand, Happy Bum Co

  • Rebecca Gawthorne - Accredited Dietitian & Nutritionist for spirulina powder brand, Lifestream

To learn more about how Straight Up PR can help with your brand & secure an expert for your next Media campaign, please contact


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