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5 Wellness Trends We're Loving From The Naturally Good Expo

If there’s one industry event we look forward to every year, it’s the Naturally Good Expo! Held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, the Naturally Good Expo is a health & wellness lover’s dream – showcasing some of the most innovative new brands, products & concepts designed to enhance health & wellbeing. Naturally, we at Straight Up PR were in our element! Here’s some of our favourite standouts from the day:

1. Australian Honey

Although honey is nothing new, it is having a serious moment in the spotlight – and for good reason! Known for its effective antibacterial properties & sweet taste, honey is a staple in every household. But what we discovered is that there’s honey and then there’s HONEY! We’re talking honey infused with anything from orange blossom to chilli. Enjoy it drizzled over your cheese board or in your savoury dishes. We loved all the variations of Australian honey and the fact that they’re organic & all have a different story to tell depending on where you’ll find them in Australia.

2. Dental Hygiene

Again, taking care of your teeth should always be a priority, but we love how new & innovative brands such as Peg Paste & Ordo putting natural health at the forefront. Free from fluoride and any other nasties, there are a number of products that are ensuring we know exactly what is in the products we use on a daily basis making them a great option for the whole family. Think along the lines of toothpaste and electric toothbrushes that are designed to care for your teeth and minimise waste. A win, win in in our eyes! Speaking of dental hygiene, we also came across Honest Gum - a natural, sugar-free, plastic-free gum.

3. Fijian Favourites

One thing we love about our job is that we get to work with clients all over the world – so it was great to see some fresh talent coming from one of our favourite tropical islands! From natural botanic skincare to spicy hot sauce (yep you read that right!) we’re keeping an eye out for the unique Fijian favourites that are set to line Australian shelves & shake up the health aisle.

4. Fizzy Sodas & Tonics

Kombucha, Sodas, Sparkling Water & Tonics infused with gut-loving & immune-boosting properties such as probiotics and fibre – what’s not to love? With a range of different flavours to choose from, we’re all for healthy products that fit into your busy lifestyle. Quick & easy to grab on-the go, they come in funky bottles & feature creative designs that are sure to brighten up your everyday routine & bring you back to a sense of calm - even if for a minute.

5. Sexual Wellness

We put a lot of emphasis on physical health & mental health, yet in today’s society, sexual health still seems almost taboo. On a mission to change that, we came across exciting brands & products that inspire people to take charge of their sexual wellness, rediscover self-pleasure & most importantly, not be ashamed of it. Natural, sustainable lube, anyone? We’re all for it!


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