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A Beginner’s Guide to Altitude Training

Are you looking to shake up your fitness routine this year? Altitude Training may just be the thing you’re looking for! With multiple locations across NSW, QLD & VIC, we're super excited to welcome Air Locker to the Straight Up PR family.

Air Locker is a science-backed training method based off the notion that the human body can benefit both physically & mentally when exposed to an altitude environment. And despite what you may think, you don’t need to be an athlete to reap the benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about Altitude Training.

What is Altitude Training?

Altitude training involves exercising/training at higher altitudes (typically 2200m+ above sea level), where you experience reduced oxygen (thus, the body responds accordingly). As your body adapts to lower levels of oxygen, altitude training can help to improve athletic performance & increase endurance.

While sea level air contains around 20-22% oxygen, air at Air Lockers’ simulated high altitudes generally contain around 13-15% oxygen due to oxygen molecules being further apart.

Although altitude training is particularly popular amongst athletes across all sports, anyone - no matter what your fitness level - can participate in & enjoy the benefits.

When the human body is in an oxygen-reduced environment, it is stimulated to adapt by enhancing the various ways it uses oxygen to produce energy – in turn, improving the way our muscles, heart, lungs & other organs use fuel.

How does Simulated Altitude Training differ?

Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) mimics the effects of altitude training by pumping nitrogen rich air into the room. This in turn changes the composition of the air & reduces oxygen from normal levels to a high-altitude environment level. Air Lockers’ unique method of training in a stimulated altitude training (SAT) environment delivers up to 30% better results compared to training at sea level.

Just like altitude training, the body adapts to lower oxygen levels & becomes more efficient at using the oxygen it has. In doing so, the body mimics physiological, hormonal, & metabolic responses that benefit many aspects of health whilst also acclimatising the body to high altitudes. Over time, the body learns to use the oxygen in the air more efficiently – & research suggests the muscular, respiratory, & nervous systems may also adapt.

What are some of the benefits of Altitude Training?

· Lean muscle mass

· Decreased stress

· Improved sleep

· Boosted serotonin levels

· Faster recovery

· Improved endurance

· Enhanced calorie burn

· Decreased average heart rate/blood pressure

· Improved v02

With a range of different workouts to choose from, Air Locker caters to all fitness levels & is suited to everyone regardless of their experience. To find out more about Air Locker & to book in a class, visit!


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