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Better-for-you, Better for the Planet

With World Earth Day’s most recent theme being ‘Invest in our Planet,’ it got us thinking about all of our amazing clients & why we choose to represent better-for-you brands making a difference to our planet.

Whether it’s within the product packaging, the manufacturing process or the brand ethos, we have chosen to partner with brands that are health conscious, environmentally friendly & better-for-you.

Here are three of our clients that are putting the planet before profit:

CASALARE are passionate about implementing inventive ways in which they can reduce their waste. Firstly, they use solar energy in their production processes which means they produce more kilowatts of energy than what they are consuming. When trialling new products, they send all unused samples to Food Bank Australia & as part of their pledge to reduce waste, any & all Casalare excess is sent to a local chicken farm to be used for food. Bonus points for keeping the chickies full.

Small company changes like this are creating positive impacts to our environment.


Another of our clients (a functional drinks brand,) Chia Sisters are doing good for the people & the planet by producing all products at their solarpowered juicery in Nelson (the sunshine capital of New Zealand). They use only natural ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible, including blackcurrants from Nelson, lemons from Gisborne & Mānuka Honey from Golden Bay. The brand is also certified Zero Carbon & Climate Positive which means the overall activity of Chia Sisters business operations reduces carbon in the atmosphere. Emissions are offset by planting & maintaining native trees in a local forest, which is regenerating farmland. Oh, and not to forget… they’re also a certified B-Corporation.


Our client Pleasant State formulate, manufacture & sell Australia's first & only effective, non-toxic, zero waste dissolvable cleaning bars. The Aussie female-owned start-up has ambitions to make a real difference to social & environmental impacts by becoming a brand-led business that balances people, planet & profit. They share the belief that protecting our planet is everyone's responsibility - establishing Pleasant State is an important part of their contribution. They’re also recognised as a Certified B Corporation, meaning they meet the highest standards of social & environmental performance, transparency, & accountability.

To add to the goodness, Pleasant State bottles are made of durable glass with silicone sleeves to help reduce breakage risk while the dissolvable bars are packaged in a certified home compostable wrapper. All products are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes &, the only plastic used is in the high-quality triggers of spray bottles which are intended to be used over & over again.

Aussies buy over 23 million cleaning products a year. Once thrown out, that would fill four garbage trucks a day. Additionally, one garbage truck of general plastic waste enters our oceans every minute - that’s eight million tonnes each year! Pleasant State donates 20% of profits or 2% of sales (whichever is greater) to Take 3 For The Sea to help clean up our oceans.

These brands have big ambitions to be global leaders, that balance people, planet & profit & we are proud to be supporting their products into the wider market & into the hands of conscious consumers.


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