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Lighting Throats Around The World – Throat Scope

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Changing oral cavity examinations around the world is our new client, Throat Scope. 

Flying the Australian flag and leading the way in healthcare innovation on a global scale is Throat Scope, the world’s first all-in-one light and tongue depressor medical device created to take the stress out of oral cavity examinations for a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Founded by entrepreneur and mother of four Jennifer Holland in 2010, Throat Scope is set to modernise oral examinations globally replacing the traditional wooden blade. The one-handed illuminated tongue depressor provides medical professionals with one free hand to hold a patient’s head while the other lights up the mouth and throat with Throat Scope, allowing for easy, hassle-free assessment.

The product is not only taking Australia by storm, but has seen international success with Throat Scope securing an international agreement with Europe’s largest medical distributor, GIMA Italy, for the distribution of Throat Scope into 140 countries around the world, solidifying the need for this innovative medical device.

Risking her family’s savings of over $150,000 into Throat Scope, Jennifer was adamant that Throat Scope would succeed, with Jennifer stating, “The four year Throat Scope journey of trying to secure the right mentors and investors was not an easy one, and coming from a background in finance I understood the huge risk I was taking when I catapulted myself into an unfamiliar industry.”

The concept of Throat Scope came to Jennifer while in a doctor’s surgery holding her distressed 15-month-old child while the doctor pried her child’s mouth with a wooden blade. Instantly, Jennifer knew there had to be an easier way and started researching an alternative to the dated, wooden blade.

The Australian innovative medical tool, as seen on Network 10’s hit show Shark Tank, was not only designed for doctors, but for parents to be able to check for sore throats, gum infections, recurring tonsillitis or mouth ulcers in the comfort of their own home. The light up feature intrigues children, making them more receptive to examination compared to a wooden device.

Jen and her kids were on Channel 9’s Today Show to share their story with Australia – check out the segment here:


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