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Mukti Organics Unveils It’s Latest Collection of Eco-Luxe Skincare Products

Mukti (pronounced mooktee) ~ meaning freedom and liberation, the ethos behind Mukti Organics

This November, Mukti Organics unveiled it’s latest collection of eco-luxe skincare products at an intimate launch event at the beautiful Hotel 1888 – each guest took part in an eco-luxe love ritual and was introduced to the incredible range of products by Mukti herself.

Proving that ‘organic’ is not just a trend, Mukti Organics has recently revealed it’s latest collection of eco-luxe skincare products, each handcrafted with love and conscious intention to help you achieve a healthy glow all year long.

Founded in 2000, Mukti Organics is one of Australia’s first certified organic skin-care brands and is one of the only beauty brands in the world that uses high concentrations of cellular extracted indigenous extracts that are packed full of goodness including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The founder of the eponymous brand, Mukti, was inspired at a young age by her great grandfather who owned an apothecary in Sweden and embraced her growing fondness for herbalism and aromatherapy. After years of studying natural therapies and cosmetic chemistry, Mukti decided to create her own brand that emulated her values and principles, consequently named her business ‘Mukti’, which signifies rebirth in Hinduism.

“As a beauty therapist I witnessed the detriments of unnatural cosmetic products that contained harmful chemicals and wanted to create a label that I could confidently recommend to my clients. Mukti Organics was created not just as a personal passion project but as a business that would positively disrupt the beauty industry,” said Mukti.

Mukti Organics was born out of a passion for organic products and as a platform to educate consumers of the importance of nourishing their skin, body and hair with sustainable products using ingredients available on right here on Australian soil.

The 100% sustainable and ethical product range includes a luxurious collection of skin, hair and body care products and has introduced a 2-in1 Resurfacing Exfoliant, Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque and Botanique Hair & Body Care Collection to its cruelty-free range.

Inspired by the power of nature, Mukti Organics takes advantage of the best ingredients Australian flora has to offer and has created products fortified with a unique, synergistic blend scientifically formulated to deliver results and nourish the body.

The boutique brand is hand crafted with a distinct focus on eco-luxury and quality that will leave users with a healthy, glowing complexion. All Mukti Organics products are available to purchase online at, with prices ranging from $14.95 to $109.95 for the Skin Care Collection, $14.95 for travel size products to $59.95 for full size products from the Body Care Collection and $14.95 for travel size products to $45.95 for full size products from the new Hair Care Collection.

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