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Ora Redefines Modern Natural Medicine

Plant-based natural medicines’ brand Ora Health is bringing to market a range of products that modernise the powerful tools and traditions of natural medicines and tackle health and social concerns of the purpose-driven contemporary consumer.

With a mission to give better visibility and transparency on the quality, provenance and efficacy of natural health products, Ora is Co-creating wellness™ by giving consumers practitioner-crafted products made in Australia and building a community to support them on their evolving wellness journey.

Noticing a need in the market for an Australian wellness brand that can empower people to become agents of change by buying better, founder and Managing Director of Ora, Gabriel Perera says, “We’re thrilled to unveil the Ora brand and product range to Australians providing them with a way to make more conscious decisions about their health in a way that supports the health of the planet. With 86% of people the world over confirming that transparency from brands is more important now than ever before*, Ora provides customers with high-quality ‘open book’ products alongside the social and environmental action they expect.”

The Australian designed, owned and made plant-based brand born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney is addressing contemporary health concerns and needs, with a focused range including the following products: Mag3 Mood™, Profound Sleep™, Immune Tonic+™, Adaptogen Tonic+™, Hormonal Balance™1 and Organic Greens Superpowder+™2.

The products are 100% vegan, with the highest quality, traceable ingredients used at therapeutic doses (organic ingredients used wherever possible) and ultra-low excipients, no fillers or binders. Ora’s bottles have been created to live on the counter of the kitchen (not hidden in the cupboard) and are made from infinitely recyclable dark amber glass to protect the ingredients from light and moisture. The labels are derived from recycled sugar cane. Ora is a member of 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of sales to environmental non-profit environmental causes in Australia.

Drawing from the traditions from Naturopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine and the clinical evidence of our modern times, Ora invites Australians to take a stand for health and join them to Co-create wellness™.

Ora is available exclusively from Health Food Stores around Australia and

* IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), in association with the National Retail Federation, 2020


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