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Pic’s Pay It Forward By Spreading Joy One Jar at a Time

Pic’s Peanut Butter are encouraging people Australia wide to participate in spreading the goodness of Pic’s Peanut Butter, by giving out free jars of peanut butter across the country.

Playing on the concept born from the novel and movie, Pay It Forward, Pic’s Peanut Butter are inspiring random acts of kindness across Australia and New Zealand. The Pic’s Pay It Forward campaign is giving thousands of people the opportunity to experience the deliciousness of Pic’s Peanut Butter and spread joy, one jar at a time.

The natural peanut butter pioneers are hosting this nationwide campaign to spread the peanut butter love and also celebrate Woolworths as their latest stockist in Australia. Pic’s Peanut butter is made simply from freshly roasted Australian peanuts plus a pinch of salt, and is set to be the top peanut butter pick in Australia.

Pic’s Peanut Butter prides itself on using 100% Aussie nuts and creating high quality, nutritional products that all Australians should experience. Founder of Pic’s Peanut Butter, Pic Picot said, “The Pic’s Pay It Forward campaign is getting peanut butter to people all around Australia and New Zealand who have never tried it before, and it’s going to spread like wildfire. We’ve got heaps of peanut butter that we’re just itching to give away!”

To enter, simply jump onto the Pic’s Peanut Butter Facebook page, nominate two people to receive free jars of Pic’s Peanut Butter, and list the reason why they deserve some peanut butter goodness in their lives.

Winners will have vouchers sent to claim their free jar of Pic’s Peanut Butter at their local Woolworths store. The competition will run from Monday, 11th July.

To nominate a friend and for more information, visit Pic’s Peanut Butter’s Facebook page: and hit the Pay It Forward Tab. To find out more about Pic’s Peanut Butter, visit:

Go nuts and spread the love!

Sarah Holloway in love with her 1kg jar of Pic’s Peanut Butter


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