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Straight Up PR Welcomes Jason and Kim to the Family

Jason and Kim are not like any other couple. The dynamic duo are the co-founders of global sustainable nappy company, gDiapers, and we’re so excited to be working with them!

The two just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the nappy company that is putting an end to waste as we know it. In 2005, the pair discovered the disturbing fact that one disposable nappy takes 500 years to biodegrade and that every day 50,000,000 are going into landfill – this inspired their mission to find an alternative.

They stumbled upon a flushable, compostable nappy technology from Tasmania, licensed the rights to the rest of the world outside of Australia and New Zealand, packed up the house and family and moved to Portland Oregon to launch their passion project, gDiapers.

After 10 years, Jason and Kim decided to come back home to Australia to raise their family, where they can run their business from their home in Bondi. The pair strive to create a movement in Australia around eco-friendly business ventures, and endeavour to start a positive dialogue around sustainability in the country.


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