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Talking Straight with Andrea Gusmao

We were overdue for a Talking Straight interview, & what better way to bring it back than with the lovely Andrea Gusmao. Wellness & Longevity expert, Andrea shares her inspiring morning routine, favourite self-care ritual & what she couldn't live without. Let's get straight into it.

What is one aspect of your morning routine that you look forward to?

I just love my morning routine! It sets my mood & energy level for the day, & I really crave movement in the morning, because by moving my body my energy levels rise & it helps me maintain a positive mindset. My “go to” is the combo athletic reformer pilates & beach walks where I practice an active walking meditation & listen to my favorite podcasts.

What’s one health & wellness trend that you have never been able to get on board with?

Ice baths! I do prefer the warmness of an infrared sauna.

What piece of advice would you go back & give your younger self?

The most important relationship of your entire life is the one you nurture with yourself. Go & love yourself unapologetically. This will set the tone for all of your other relationships.

What is one quality you have learnt to love & accept about yourself that you might not have before?

Being a multi-passionate, multi-skilled person. With maturity I’ve learnt that actually this is my biggest strength.

What does self-care look like to you & how do you prioritise it to prevent burn-out?

For me it looks like daily movement, nature, sunlight, whole nutritious food, a good night of sleep, daily meditation, books, life-learning mindset & being surrounded by people that love & support me.

Complete the following sentences:

On the weekend you’ll find me:

Hiking or riding my bike, immersed in nature or museums/art galleries, drinking my matcha almond latte, sunbaking, in adventures with my family.

I can’t live without:


My go-to coffee order is:

Matcha Almond latte

If I were a cocktail, I would be:

Think I would rather be a rosé

My favourite way to sweat is:

In an infrared sauna

An inspiring quote that sums me up is:

Be you. The world needs your magic!

If I could go on any reality TV show I would go on:

Any about travel & adventure! I’ve lived in 5 different countries & 11 cities, & just love to know different people & cultures around the globe. This feeds my soul.


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