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Talking Straight with Katie Lolas

Our next guest for our Talking Straight Series is the lovely Katie Lolas, or Lady Lolas as you may know her on Instagram. With a philosophy of Fuel, Move, Transform; Katie inspires her community to live an active & healthy life without restriction. Let's dive right in!

What is one aspect of your morning routine that you look forward to?

I enjoy doing my makeup! I love getting dressed up & drawing my eyeliner on. To me, it’s a real power move & I find that it sets a positive tone for my day ahead.

What’s one health & wellness trend that you have never been able to get on board with?

Any sort of short-term diet or challenge. To me, health & wellness is about maintaining postive habits for the long run, & using these habits to create a lifestyle that we enjoy & that makes us feel our best.

What piece of advice would you go back & give your younger self?

Follow your dreams, & don’t be afraid to fail. Look at your failures as an opportunity to grow, learn & persevere.

What is one quality you have learnt to love & accept about yourself that you might not have before?

My assertiveness! I used to dull myself down so as not to irritate people as I’ve received comments in the past like “I’m too loud” or I’m “too much”, but I’ve learned that the people who love & value me, won’t view me in this way, & that being a strong, confident & assertive woman is nothing to be ashamed of.

Now I’m not afraid to stand out, & speak up for what I believe in, & I’m grateful to be surrounded by a supportive community who accept me as I am.

What does self-care look like to you & how do you prioritise it to prevent burn-out?

Self-care to me looks like engaging in activities just for fun. At the moment I enjoy boxing classes, going for a walks with my puppy & catching up with girlfriends over coffee. I also try my best to schedule in time to make these things happen otherwise it’s less likely to happen. I’m talking, organising care for my daughter, blocking out time in my calendar to ensure I get that ‘me time’ to fill up my cup.

Complete the following sentences:

On the weekend you’ll find me: having brunch at Maggios, going for family walks & cooking in my kitchen!

I can’t live without: my Mum, Dad, SG & Harper.

My go-to coffee order is: iced oat latte - rain, hail or shine!

If I were a cocktail, I would be: a virgin mojito!

My favourite way to sweat is: deadlifting or boxing

An inspiring quote that sums me up is: patience, passion, & perseverance is what drives me forward.

If I could go on any reality TV show I would go on: Masterchef… or Survivor!


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