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Talking Straight with Taryn Williams

Next up on our Talking Straight series is the tenacious Taryn Willams, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Tech Founder & CEO of The Right Fit & Wink Models. We caught up with her to discuss all things health & wellness. Let’s get Straight to it…

SUPR: What does your morning routine look like?

TW: I try to train every day, as it keeps me sane & sets me up for success for the day ahead. I do a mix of boxing, reformer pilates, HIIT, long walks, and spin. I use classpass so I can keep my schedule really flexible & not have to commit to memberships, I love it. I generally train at about 6 am so I can hit my desk by 7.45 am & get started before my team arrive & before my first meeting of the day (tech stand up) at 8.30 am.

I do intermittent fasting, so I don't have breakfast, but I have a celery juice & long black, and lots of water first up of the day, along with taking about a zillion supplements!

SUPR: What’s one healthy habit you prioritised / embraced during lockdown that you’ve carried with you into ‘normal’ life?

TW: The long walks! I rented a spin bike & reformer pilates machine during lockdown, but I also did way more walks than ever before. I think like most people I got very well acquainted with my 5km radius! I discovered so many great places to walk & got into the habit of walking meetings, or listening to podcasts when I was walking on my own.

SUPR: What are five things you’ll always have in your fridge / pantry?


Almond milk


Lurpak salted butter


Swiish beauty buzz adaptogenic coffee

SUPR: What’s your favourite form of movement?

TW: Oh, that is such a tough question! A walk & talk with friends are pretty hard to beat. But I’m also a huge spin addict, the banging tunes really get the endorphins pumping! I've been spinning with Shoni for years & she always has the best mixes.

SUPR: Where will your first post-lockdown holiday be?

TW: I was actually supposed to be in LA right now, & then to Panama for a wedding! But with the new strain, I was a little worried about getting stuck overseas when I have my new business #gifted launching so I need to be back in Aus by mid-Dec… So at this stage, I'm not sure! Likely somewhere in South America, but to be honest, I’ll take anywhere at this point! Just get me on a plane so I can watch rom coms & not reply to emails with no guilt!

SUPR: What is one fun fact most people wouldn’t know about you?

TW: That I can fly a plane! I got my pilots licence at 15.

SUPR: Why is it important to you to be Straight Up and authentic? Have you ever struggled in the past with being your true self?

TW: I’ve definitely struggled with how to show my full self, and all of my life, in an authentic way on social media & in the press. No one gets to see the long days in the office, the stressful board meetings, the pains of trying to grow a tech company, the self-doubt, etc. So I’ve really made a point of trying to share more of that part of my journey on my blog & socials so people can really see the full experience, not just the highlight reels! It’s a constant juggle of trying to show ‘reality’ with also keeping some things personal.

SUPR: The health industry is constantly adapting to external circumstances. What’s one health trend you predict will remain or appear in 2022?

TW: I think the focus on mental health will be at the forefront of everyone's minds in 2022. As an employer, it's something I have been much more focused on the mental health of my team this year as they have been working remotely most of the time & had to juggle being parents, not being able to see their extended families, & losing the camaraderie of seeing each other in the office etc. I think we’ll all be more conscious of prioritising things that are ‘good’ for us in a wholistic sense - whether that be exercise, spending time with loved ones, keeping a better work/life balance, taking time to recharge, getting off our devices etc. Definitely a change for the better!


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