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The new sleep training device putting Aussies to sleep

Australians have the opportunity to sleep better thanks to unique sleep training device, SleepHub®, which uses exclusive neuroscience & sound technology, & has been developed specifically for adults experiencing insomnia or disrupted sleeping patterns, & people who just want to optimise their sleep.

Developed by scientists at Cambridge Sleep Sciences, SleepHub® is backed by over 10 years of scientific research, development & trials. It has been proven to help users resolve sleep issues (not mask them), drift to sleep easier & quicker, wake less frequently, get back to sleep quicker if woken during the night, feel more refreshed when starting their day, & feel more energised throughout the day.

In fact, an independent study of SleepHub® involving participants with at least three months' history of insomnia found that 92% cited positive sleep improvement. On average per night, these participants enjoyed 155 minutes more time asleep & 76 minutes less time awake. The study also found that 55% of participants experienced a reduction in the number of times they woke up.

Bart Evers, Managing Director of SleepHub® emphasises the importance of good quality sleep & the positive impact it can have on our lives, saying "Falling asleep can be tough, but getting good quality sleep can be harder sometimes. SleepHub® has been developed to help people make their sleeping hours count. While many of us rate our quality of sleep based on the number of hours we get in, it's actually the quality of those hours that makes a real difference to our cognitive & physical performance, as well as our recovery from intense exercise.”

Drawing on scientifically formulated sounds that use rhythms & pulses, SleepHub® simulates the waves our brains should produce through each sleep cycle to train the brain to sleep optimally. Reproducing these waves in the right sequence is the key to encouraging the brain to enter those natural sleep cycles.

To meet various sleep needs, SleepHub® offers four different modes: Deep Sleep, Easy Sleep, Fall Asleep & Power Nap.

SleepHub® is available in two colours, Black & White, and can be purchased for $1,495 via the SleepHub® website or through various specialty retail outlets.

For more information about SleepHub®, visit their website or follow SleepHub® on Instagram & Facebook.


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