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The Vege Chip Company weighs in on the ‘natural’ food debate

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We’re thrilled to be working with Vege Chips to educate Aussies on the important issues of clean packaging, natural food claims and making healthier choices when it comes to our favourite snack – chips!

When it comes to picking a healthier afternoon snack, picnic essential or pre dinner party nibbles, there are a few things that we all look out for; is it low in saturated fat, free from additives and is it a ‘natural’ alternative compared to what else is in the market. The current state of food labeling has made it challenging for everyday consumers to make informed decisions, when it comes to choosing a natural snack alternative.

So, what makes a product Natural?

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Food and Beverage Industry Food Descriptors Guidelines, the ‘Natural’ claim implies “that the product is made up of natural ingredients i.e. ingredients nature has produced, not man made or interfered with by man”[1].

The Vege Chip Company Managing Director, Rob Crisfield explains “when Vege Chips use the word “natural” it’s done so in two ways… in reference to the products ingredients and the natural flavour in the range; where there is no added flavor. Vege Chips are made from all natural ingredients, and are free from artificial or synthetic ingredients.”

For Vege Chips their range is free from MSG, dairy, gluten, soy, nuts and egg, making them a versatile choice for those with dietary requirements and limitations. The Vege Chip Company also ensures their products do not have any flavour enhancers, artificial colours or preservatives and are free of GMO ingredients, often found in most mainstream chip brands. Mr Crisfield acknowledges, “Vege Chips are a healthier alternative to potato chips, which contain up to 30-40 percent more fat”.

The Vege Chip company is empowering individuals to be aware of what they are consuming by eliminating numbers on the back of packs, in order to be completely transparent.

“When you are comparing the likes of Vege Chips and the traditional potato chip it’s important to look at the back of pack to see how the ingredients differ. For Vege Chips they have a clean packaging approach, meaning the back of pack doesn’t include any numbers which is helpful as a lot of consumer aren’t familiar with the preservative coding system!” says Brooke Glew, Accredited Nutritionist and founder of online wellbeing hub Health Coach Army.

“From a nutritional point of view, products that have a ‘Natural’ flavor, and the flavor is specified in the ingredient list, are always preferred, as they tend to have fewer ingredients. Products that have synthetic colours, flavours and ingredient wreck havoc on the natural balance of the body, not only from a nutritional point of view but also in our hormonal system. My general rule of thumb is if you don’t know what an ingredient is don’t eat it! ” Glew continues.

The Vege Chip Company are committed to producing lower fat snacks that taste great, providing all Australians with a healthier snack alternative.

Brook Glew has shared her top five tips for navigating the snack food aisle to find the healthiest choice

Always check the nutritional information and ingredients list on the back of pack. If you see numbers or ingredients you don’t know, then pop it back on the shelf!The fewer ingredients the betterSeek out a snack food item that will give you some nutritional benefits, like the Vege Deli Crisps Chia – giving you added protein, fibre and essential minerals.Remember salty snacks should be consumed in moderation as a normal part of a healthy balanced diet.Choose certified organic where possible!

[1] ACCC Food and Beverage Industry Food Descriptors Guidelines


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